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Those Democrats, Always Flaunting Their Intellectual Superiority…

Good "shit, what the fuck happened to the" morning, readers. Newly anointed Daily Baller Mike Riggs is back with me this no longer morning for another lively hour or so of uncen$ored extemporaneous Gchat about the morning's most important events. In this edition: Georgetown's trippy trinity is down to a duo, David Brooks explores the […]

How David Brooks Scares Guilty Liberals With Math

Now that I've been here a month I have started to form a more nuanced understanding of what it means to identify as a "liberal" in this town and by extension I have gained a kind of David Brooks-ian insight into the phenomenon/"appeal" amongst this particular psychographic of David Brooks. Maybe they live in Bethesda, […]

Morning Miscellany: Soldiers On Drugs, Nihilists On Drugs, Brooks On Joads, Etc.

The New York Times fronts new news of those soldiers who killed Afghan civilians for fun and collected their body parts for many months even after one of the soldier's dads started bothering the Pentagon about it. They belonged to an Army unit "consumed with drug use," says the lede. WHAT FUCKING DRUGS, you are […]

Forget Body Language, Who Is Michelle Rhee Wearing?

One of the torments of attempting to act in any sort of "aggregative" capacity for a blog is, adding insult to the lost hours sustained executing the injurious task of scanning all the aggregators, opening tabs, taking in the terabytes of wasted effort, the inordinately larger waste involved in the depressing effort to re-locate all […]

Why The Right Hates Freedom

Long long ago, when people still read novels, the American right had a rich tradition of attacking the works of left-leaning authors on aesthetic grounds. So where, for instance, what really bothered the conservative New Criterion about Don DeLillo was most likely his stubborn insistence on using the novel as a vehicle through which to […]