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Why Was The Washington Post Shut Out Of Wikileaks Story? Well…

Today the Washington Post's Paul Farhi reported an interesting tidbit of info about Wikileaks: the media outlet that brought us the go to scandal-suffix "-gate" was shut out of Cablegate. Initially, Wikileaks' go-to U.S. media organization had been the New York Times. But after the Times published a few too many stories on Julian Assange's […]

Does Dana Milbank Have To Die On The Cross For His Washington Post Colleagues To Bother Turning On Fox News?

Yesterday Washington Post humorist Gene Weingarten Tweeted a glib defense of Glenn Beck against Michelle Goldberg's accusation (via a post on The Daily Beast) that Beck's latest jihad against George Soros amounted to anti-Semitism. "This charge of antisemitism is so thin and unfair that I'm forced to take the side of ... Glenn Beck," he […]

Morning Misc: Dana Milbank Pinpoints Culprit Behind Obama’s Problems: Bitches!

Chiefly, Valerie Jarrett. Nameless "current and former" White House officials with whom Milbank has spoken "raised questions about Jarrett's effectiveness and judgment," is the thing. She "flaunts her friendship" with Barack Obama. When the president ran into PR problems over his all-male basketball games, he "conferred with" her about it and she convinced him to […]