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Correction: Eli Lake Does Not Want The Government To Assassinate Julian Assange

Washington Times national security reporter Eli Lake just called to dispute my assertion (in this MUST-READ Q&A with Washington Post Spy Talk blogger Jeff Stein) that he would like to see Wikileaks founder Julian Assange "assassinated," a position I gleaned from some comments he made at a Daily Caller keg party back in October, during which Lake […]

“I Hope This Spawns More Wikileaks”: Talking Spycraft With “Spy Talk” Blogger Jeff Stein

A couple weeks ago when I chastised the Washington Post for devoting only 11% of its column inches on Wikileaks to the actual content of the leaks themselves, I neglected to mention a notable sanctuary within the Post's HTML borders from the tyranny of Wikileaks meta-coverage: Jeff Stein's Spy Talk blog, whose motto is "Intelligence […]

You Don’t Say…

Ryan Avent in the Economist: …it stands to reason that the financial sector is acting, quite purposefully, to use its vast wealth to influence government policy in ways that will make it rich. But wouldn't that go against their blood promise to ensure the efficient allocation of capital?!?!?!

Ezra Klein And Some Bearded Lefties Talk About Economic Insecurity

All experience is relative. And so before I expound upon my experiences yesterday attending a forum on American economic insecurity featuring Ezra Klein, I ought to qualify my assessment by briefly listing what I imagine to be the three most significant recent events I believe to have possibly consciously and unconsciously colored my perception of […]

Deep Thoughts…

Today Larry Summers gave a speech that won high marks from Swampland's Michael Scherer, who follows a long and approving quotation from the speech, paraphrases it thusly: So what is Summers really saying? He is approvingly quoting Daniel Patrick Moynihan's argument that increased government involvement in the health care sector is a risky idea… He […]

Why ‘Morning’ Joe Talks Five Times As Much As Mute Ice Princess Mika

TNR counted the number of words MSNBC Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spoke one morning on the show and found a ratio of 3,213 to 644. TNR's assessment of this situation is—ATT gynobloggers— "sexism." Having subjected myself to a triple dosage of MSNBC in the past few weeks (bedridden, contagious, already caught […]

Won’t You Join Our Nepotism Acceptance Movement, Luke Russert?

I am just getting around to reading Howie Kurtz's (second?) latest work of staggering genius on Luke Russert and I am still smarting over some of the paragraphs: He knows what some colleagues and detractors say—that he wouldn't be in this job if not for his last name. "I just try to really block that out," Russert says. […]

Tina Brown Approves Of Elizabeth Edwards, Now That She’s Done Making “Ghastly Spectacle” Of Herself

As I predicted, Tina Brown has been all over the Elizabeth Edwards deathfest, despite having chastised her while she was alive for repeatedly and "inexplicably" making a "ghastly spectacle" of her book publicity tour by admitting she was, actually, pissed that her pathological liar husband had made a sex tape with some kind of Stevie […]

Santa Gives Us Official “No Comment” On Those Tax Cuts For Rich People

Oh wait sorry, so class warmongery of me, they're called "affluent" now, apparently. Like in that old book about our great American "society", except the term can only be used to describe 1 in 100 of society's members these days. Anyway, don't say we didn't try to take this terrible policy to a higher authority. When […]

You’ve Been At This Pundit Thing Too Damn Long, Old Man

Like so many of his colleagues at the Washington Post, there was a time when Ezra Klein was not just another ossified belcher of such predictable kleptocrat apologia/antilogic filtered through the usual echo chamber distortion of stupefying sleepword synonyms for "consensus" as today's "An imperfect, but not-that-bad, deal on the tax cuts" to millionaires who barely […]