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Julian Assange, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo And The Swedish Approach To Sex Crimes

Editors' note: This post was originally published late last night, without an edit by anyone else at Washington City Paper. Because of the subject matter, we unpublished it so we could review it. The post originally named the women who Julian Assange is accused of raping. Their names have been deleted. City Paper does not […]

Four Out Of Four New America Foundation Panelists Agree That Everyone Else Is Just Pretending That The Whole Financial System Isn’t In Dire Peril

This afternoon I attended the fabulous above panel convened by the New America Foundation to address an even more hopeless topic than the last New America Foundation panel I attended last week, which is the mortgage crisis. I did not learn much, nor did I expose myself to any new line of argument that might […]

Michelle Obama And The Shameful Loss Of American Junk Food Hegemony

Liberal viewers could be forgiven for choking on their organic arugula Sunday night when Mama Grizzly dedicated the Palin family s'mores to anti-obesity jihadist in chief Michelle Obama on national television. Most were probably too blissed-out over their heroic victory ensuring the safety of avowed homosexuals within the Armed Forces to have noticed the news […]

Will Wilkinson Vs. Jonathan Chait, The Redux

Jonathan Chait of The New Republic is in a feud with "freelance public intellectual" Will Wilkinson about Peter Orszag's defection for Citigroup. But isn't the first time Chait and Wilkinson have feuded; back in August 2009 their blogging heads butted in a three-part TNRtv sparring match about income inequality. So what has changed since then? […]

Remembering Great Political Lessons Of The 1970s With Ezra Klein

The venerable Ezra Klein reminds readers of this timeless lesson today: In 1975, Pepsi unleashed "the Pepsi Challenge," a blind taste test where subjects threw back an ounce of each beverage and reported back on their favorite. Their favorite was Pepsi. You already know what happened next: Coca-Cola developed a more Pepsi-like product called "New […]

How Come No Mention Of “Entrapment” In “Top Secret America”?

Today's Washington Post features the latest installment in its epic "Top Secret America" series. Like many readers I am on the fence about this series, starting with the fact that it isn't called "Police State America" or "Secret Police America" or something along those slightly more descriptive, meaning-possessing lines, but as you may remember its co-author […]

Rich Bankers To $143 Billion Christmas Bonuses: “Fuck You”

A quadruple-bylined op-ed just went up on the Washington Post website. It is called "Why Tomorrow's Wall Street Leaders Don't Like Bonuses." Why is Wall Street spending $143 billion to pay them this year if that is the case, you might wonder? The four men, Wharton professors all, do not attempt to answer, but the […]

Peter Orszag: Everything Wrong With This Town (Comes Back To How Much This Guy Got Laid Here)

There's a lot of handwringing on the internet today about the lack of handwringing that accompanied the announcement last week that former Obama budget director Peter Orszag is going to work for Citigroup. James Fallows started it by wondering on his blog why the announcement had warranted nary a mention in the Washington Post, and […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bravely Takes On Teachers Union Goliath In Washington Post

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an op-ed in the Washington Post today about how great some new thing is working in California. Now, I know what you are thinking. "But nothing works in California! If I have learned anything from reading the Washington Post, it is that it is impossible to relay information about the political system of California without […]

Big Government In Washington Doing Its Best To Live Up To Republican Revisionist Villainy

Today comes news that the four Republican members of the nine-member congressional panel to investigate the causes of the financial crisis have defected from the group over a linguistic dispute: the Democrats wouldn't accept their proposal to eliminate the phrases "Wall Street", "shadow banks" and the words "deregulation" and "interconnected" from their official autopsy report […]