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Stupid Liberals Flock To Stupid Libertarian Astroturf Scheme To Privatize TSA

Jesus Christ, stupid liberals. So since I last checked RSS the ACLU and that lady who started Firedoglake have joined the Great American Airport Security Prude Out? GAH!? THELEFTISSODUMBTHELEFTISSODUMBTHELEFTISSODUMBSODUMBSODUMBWHYGODWHY… anyway, appropriately enough we can blame Ralph Nader, the original "Democracy: A Lot Like Consumerism!" leftist, who was in on this crusade entire days before original […]

Libertarians Behind TSA Junk Touching Outrage Orgy Also Masterminded “Topless Tuesdays”

What has gone under-appreciated in the media frenzy over John Charles "Don't Touch My Junk" Tyner III is that he was preceded in his online activism by one Meg "Smeg" McLain, who first raised a shitstorm over her personal traumatic experience of being physically violated whole days before Tyner embarked upon his hunting trip. On […]

Memeorandemonium: Men In Kilts, Wars On Cheese, Marty Peretz On David Bromwich, Ke$ha In High School…

MOE: So uh I guess you were kinda seriously onto something putting TSA rage on the agenda yesterday. MIKE: Yeah? You get traffic or something? MOE: Ha, as if, no, I'm just saying I turned on the cable news and it was running endlessly, and then I went somewhere in a car in which NPR […]

Memeorandemonium: Why Larry Summers Is More Offensive To Women Than Being Felt Up By The TSA

Are you craving some new opinions on the News Beast merger, taxpayer-funded misdemeanor sexual assault, the new books on Keith Richards and Larry Summers, the hedge fund trader's girlfriend I met on the Acela last night, or Katy Perry? Then enjoy the colorful and probably profanity-laced IM exchange between Daily Baller Mike Riggs and myself, […]

Dale’s Pale Ale Officially DENIES Tea Party Ties

Remember about 32 news cycles ago, when I encountered a keg of Koch-funded Dale's Pale Ale in a room full of libertarians and wondered briefly whether the (very good) beer had an official relationship with the Tea Party movement before proceeding to consume like 17 cups of it? Well, I finally received an answer from […]

Does Dana Milbank Have To Die On The Cross For His Washington Post Colleagues To Bother Turning On Fox News?

Yesterday Washington Post humorist Gene Weingarten Tweeted a glib defense of Glenn Beck against Michelle Goldberg's accusation (via a post on The Daily Beast) that Beck's latest jihad against George Soros amounted to anti-Semitism. "This charge of antisemitism is so thin and unfair that I'm forced to take the side of ... Glenn Beck," he […]

“I’m Not Going To Worry About The Deficit. It’s Big Enough To Take Care Of Itself.”

I'd been rooting for Barack Obama to crib this line of Ronald Reagan's, delivered at the 1984 Gridiron Dinner in response to a campaign led by Pete Peterson and Alice Rivlin to reduce the deficit, to brush off Peterson's considerably more highly-capitalized/intellectually dishonest billion dollar campaign to do the same today. Times change, of course, and […]

Online News Association Panelist Advocates “Joe Francis Theory” Of Journalism

A few months ago I teased Jim Romenesko and the team over at the Poynter Institute for being so doggedly "prudish." Well imagine my gratification to click on one of their harmless-sounding (if not quite grammatically unimpeachable) listicles, "5 Ways to Get People to Contribute Good Content for Your Site" and find myself reading… Miner […]

What Does It Matter To The New York Observer That Slate Isn’t Turning A Profit?

Another Washington Post Company subsidiary is under fire from the New York media, this one for not turning a profit.* I don't have much energy to devote to this critical-esque Observer profile of Slate editor in chief Jacob Weisberg except to point out that paragraphs like this: The sense within the company (and shared, a bit more […]

If You Like Fish, You May Just Love Sarah Palin’s Alaska!

Yesterday I sat down with a man named Brian Reich in a luxurious sun-streaked conference room he was borrowing for the afternoon from some old friends at the Glover Park Group and participated in a lengthy conversation about the new TLC show "Sarah Palin's Alaska" during which he used the word "conversation" many, many times. […]