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How You Can Stop Worrying And Learn To Love This Wikileaks Bank Data Dump, Liberals

By now you probably know—unless you rely on Das K for all your news, in which case you must be very, very bored—that Wikileaks is preparing a big financial institution document dump! I am decisively thrilled about this, which makes it about the only thing I really have to look forward to right now aside […]

Why Was The Washington Post Shut Out Of Wikileaks Story? Well…

Today the Washington Post's Paul Farhi reported an interesting tidbit of info about Wikileaks: the media outlet that brought us the go to scandal-suffix "-gate" was shut out of Cablegate. Initially, Wikileaks' go-to U.S. media organization had been the New York Times. But after the Times published a few too many stories on Julian Assange's […]

The Definition Of “Money” Is A Bit Different In Swampland…

Well, this is certainly some astute political analysis of the federal worker pay freeze, Time blogger and Mother Jones(?) alum Michael Scherer: There are rules of politics, and then there are laws. One of the latter, often attributed both to Texas football coach Darrell Royal but which dates to at least the 1920s, is just seven words: […]

“Is Cristina On Any Medications? How Do Her Emotions Affect Her Decision-Making?”

Calling all body language experts and handwriting analysts! This cable from Hillary Clinton seeking insight into the "interpersonal dynamics" between Argentine president Cristina Kirchner and her late husband Nestor reads a lot like a memo I saw once to the staff of a celebrity magazine re: Brangelina. (Except, for the fact that the cable displays a slightly […]

Five Things To Expect From The Washington Post’s New Conservative Jennifer Rubin

Perhaps you have heard the news about Fred Hiatt's newest big editorial hire Jennifer Rubin. According to a Tweet posted by Dave Weigel, the Washington Post's last big foray into hiring a blogger who truly understood the "right", Rubin has long been an "undervalued asset" over at Commentary, which judging from his previous reportage on […]

TNR Decides It Was Maybe Right The First Time About The Deficit Commission

"Deep-Six The Deficit Commission Report" TNR November 11 "Why The Left Is Wrong About The Deficit Commission" TNR November 12 "In Defense of the Deficit Commission" TNR November 13 "Laffer Track" TNR November 22 The Bowles-Simpson deficit commission is a thinly-veiled plot to permanently slash taxes on the rich. This it shares in common with […]

6-Year-Old TSA Strip Search Victim Actually Disrobed By…His Own Father

So it's clear at this point there is no "opting out"; I am into my fifth straight hour of like ten straight days of nonstop junk touch coverage on MSNBC. "The question is is this the most efficient use of your time and money," the anchor who is not NorahO'Donnell just asked some representative of […]

The Washington Times Fires Its Third Editor In Three Years! Here’s What It Means…

Sam Dealey is out as executive editor of the Washington Times to the surprise of no one who cares about these things. He'll be succeeded in the meantime by managing editor Chris Dolan while the newspaper's president Douglas Joo looks for a replacement. Dealey has yet to return my emails, but here's the necessary context:

Five Depressing Stories You Won’t Have To Feel Guilty About Skipping Now That The Washington Independent Is Gone

Earlier this week the Washington Independent announced it was going the way of the rest of real journalism and whoever runs this mysterious blog purporting to cover the payday lending industry posted that he or she was "dancing on the grave" of a short-lived institution it characterized as being "anti-free markets, a critic of all […]

The Five Most Irritating Things About This Weekend’s Times Magazine Sarah Palin Cover

Sarah Palin is a ridiculous reality show mom who managed to become unbelievably famous despite living in Alaska. America was not aware that there was a market for a Kardashian family of the tundra, but thanks to the shrewd talentspotting talents of Bill Kristol we are all aware of it now, probably it works out very […]