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Once TBD Goes Black They Find It Remarkably Easy To Go Back To Smug, Unendingly Self-Promotional And Only Ever Inadvertently Funny White Ways

There is a lot to be corrected about this town, such that I sometimes don't know where to begin, but this post on TBD pretty concisely encapsulates much of what plagues our white people. I can't really do it justice, because I have real work to do, but here's one attempt:

Due to an editing error, an earlier version of the post 'How Tim Geithner Is Screwing The Country' read 'How Tim Geithner Is Screwing My Cunt'. I am currently reviewing ways to devote my personal commitment to accuracy by proving that I would rather be gang-raped by 13 bankers than even hatefuck Tim Geithner. Maybe you can help, by giving me Jamie Dimon's number, or simply doing your part to make this post go "viral," as they say of memes, and also that thing you can get from fucking black men that leads to AIDS.


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    I see you're still going with the "new girl in a small town" angle. Cute!

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    Nice to see one WCP author not fawning over TBD [to avoid offending a potential, post-alt-weekly, higher paying future employer].

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