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Why The Right Hates Freedom

Long long ago, when people still read novels, the American right had a rich tradition of attacking the works of left-leaning authors on aesthetic grounds. So where, for instance, what really bothered the conservative New Criterion about Don DeLillo was most likely his stubborn insistence on using the novel as a vehicle through which to […]

Au Pairamilitary Forces

Today's A1 Wapo story about the Pentagon's increased reliance on CIA-backed "paramilitary" forces to slay the evildoers had me wondering about the origin of that word "paramilitary." I feel like the word is designed to allow the news media put citizens on some sort of orange alert when the Powers That Be won't let them […]

I stand corrected…

The D.C. media is maybe not entirely dominated by amnesiac shills for Larry Summers. The Washington Times has a totally fair, even-handed story on Summers' departure in today's paper: Liberal activists, who accused the veteran economic adviser of being too close to Wall Street, applauded news that he was leaving. "This is a big victory […]

If Only Stupid Obama Had Given Larry Summers A Better Job!

Larry Summers is leaving his post as the guy who supposedly actually runs the Obama economic team in the middle of the most terrifying national economy since the Depression, and Ezra Klein is blogging about Ryan Avent's tweet about how the unemployment rate would be lower if Obama had simply had the wisdom to give […]

Is Pete Sessions Stupid? An Investigation

Politico writer Richard E. Cohen published a story yesterday about Texas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions, who is pictured at right posing with some grateful beneficiaries of the H1B visa program, okay not really just strippers but seriously anything is possible in this country. The Republicans have been touting Sessions as their Rahm Emanuel, so skilled […]

Welcome To The Recovery, Monsters!

Dear reader(s), this is where I will be posting news items in the morning in the abbreviated, minimal value-added format that is pretty much the best you are going to get from me before my third red eye. It will usually be up earlier, but take it easy on a senior citizen here. Please feel […]

Tonight At Politics & Prose: Author Rebecca Traister IRL

I have yet to read Big Girls Don't Cry, Salon senior writer Rebecca Traister's treatise on feminism amidst the backdrop of the 2008 election, but the reviews have been so universally glowing that her publisher might even make back her reportedly enviable advance! She'll be reading from it at 7 pm at Politics & Prose […]

Howard Fineman Is From The Fucking Future

Where were you when first you heard the news Howard Fineman was leaving Newsweek for the "chance to dive headlong into the future" at that scrappy tech-savvy digital upstart you may have heard of with the somewhat unfortunate name, "Huffington Post"? I think I was on the Metro, at one of those stops like Columbia […]

Welcome To The Bottom Feed, Wherein We “Read” Twitter Over The Weekend, So You Can Continue Feeling Superior To Those Losers

I used to think there was only one defensible thing about Twitter, which was its hospitality to puns like Tweet Shit And Die, which was the original name for this new feature. But then I started following the DC Power Tweetdeckathaloner types over the weekend, and by the power of this simple and ubiquitous technology […]

Tom Daschle And The Tyranny Of Boringness

One thing you can say for stuff like Tom Daschle's op-ed on Kyrgyzstan in today's Washington Post is that it's decisively not Tweet-bait. And yet more than any other major for-profit publication the Post remains deeply committed to the "soporific 750-word treatise on future of 'democracy' in obscure but 'strategic' corner of the world 'authored' […]