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Crafty Bastards Vendor Spotlight: LAYERxlayer

I'm always carrying around a bunch of stuff to amuse me or for my bike. Mix a nice tote with a great design concept and you have LAYERxlayer. They make totes, backpacks, and small furniture pieces which are inspired by the seasons in New England. Totally genius! Check out this autumnal beauty. The pouch is removable! […]

Product Spotlight: Herban Lifestyle

This is great! Herban Lifestyle has created a line of bath and body products just for men.  They are made from all natural and organic ingredients including essential oils. Honestly, who doesn't need a daily wash? The shaving soap and the shaving oil also look really incredible. I cannot wait to smell like pine and […]

Crafty Bastards Vendor Spotlight – Home Sweet

I generally leave a day at Crafty Bastards so exhausted that I can barely lift my fingers to my mouth to enjoy the delicious DC Ethiopian food I look forward to all year. But last year, I left the fair SO excited about finding new vendor Home Sweet (formerly of DC, currently of DE) that […]

Crafty Bastards Vendor Spotlight – Raeburn Ink

Raeburn Ink is based in western Massachusetts and run by Jennifer Cooke and has been around since 1999, but seems to have really only graced the indie craft fair circuit with it's glory a couple years ago. Cooke's designs – inspired by everything from indian textiles to security envelopes are detailed drawings, hand printed on […]

Crafty Bastards Vendor Spotlight – Cotton Monster

The squeal heard round the jury-room for Jennifer Strunge's Cotton Monsters explains why they sell out so quickly in her etsy shop whenever she does an update. The Baltimore seamstress works without patterns to create each and every colorful little beast, and uses almost exclusively recycled materials (except the stuffing, which she buys new). Strunge […]

Crafty Bastards Vendor Spotlight – 2Hawks 2Fishes

Kathy Fahey's dedication to promoting the Baltimore folk music scene (by way of hand printed posters, t-shirts & album covers, as well as participation with a local shape-note singing crew) may be what put her on the map & earned her a Best of Baltimore last year (Best Artist – Baltimore Magazine, 2009) but her […]

The Countdown Begins!

As a vendor for the 7th annual Crafty Bastards, I seriously do not want to start counting down to the October 2, 2010 show. But, as a shopper, I totally can't wait. And we are hoping that you are getting super excited about it, too! To help you with that, we will be launching the […]

Handmade Holiday: Local Craft Shows & MD Crafters

Following the list of DC crafters I posted last week, below you will find links to all the Crafty Bastards in Maryland.  I'm working on the Virginia crafters.  Stay tuned. But first, one of my favorite ways to buy handmade: craft shows! Craft shows are a great place to find handmade gifts and come with […]

Crafty Bastards Picks on Etsy’s Homepage RIGHT NOW

Cruise on over to & check out the Crafty Bastards picks on the homepage.  Start the handmade shopping early and buy online now!  The Crafty Bastards picks will be featured on the homepage for about an hour, but you can still find them in the Crafty Bastards gift guide for a few more days. […]

You Will Love Berkley Illustration

Have I mentioned that we have over 30! new vendors at the fair this year? Yes, I think I have mentioned that. Well, it is still true. While I can't promise that you will love super love all of them, I can promise without a doubt that you will love Berkley Illustration. The magical pairing […]