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Introducing Skate Vampire!

Skate Vampire is 7 year old Jack Lee's debut line of stuff. The name came from his Halloween costume last year, which was a vampire skateboarder. This year he says he's thinking vampire airline pilot. Is there a future of vampire accountant and dentist designs on the way? Vampire dentists would be scary!!! Inspired by […]

Tweet Tweet – Follow the Twitter Feed For Secret Sales

At this year's fair, we are setting up a fun little experiment with the Crafty Bastards Twitter feed. Follow us on Twitter, get our tweets sent directly to your phone, and we will send you special announcements and secret sales throughout the day of the fair. Not only will you get super secret messages from […]

El Jefe’s Obama Rockstar Posters

1. Is there a specific product that you will be selling at the fair that you would like to talk about? I will be selling mostly concert posters I was asked to do from around DC and some from NYC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Some of the latest work has been posters for My Morning […]