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Trend Spotlight: Gig Posters

I am in awe of the amount of work that goes into a gig poster. Concept, design, drawing, printing. Then someone has to hang them all over town. It is hard work, but luckily not a lost art. To prove it, we have more than a handful of gig poster designers joining us for Crafty […]

Something to Wear and Keep

I moved house a few weeks ago and found that it was more than easy to get rid of most of my clothing in the move. They mostly seemed dated or worn or just not me anymore. When the move was done, I unpacked my boxes and found that most of what I decided to […]

Check Out the Vendor Map

The vendor map for Saturday's Crafty Bastards is up. Check it out, plan your visit, make your shopping list. The current weather outlook for Saturday is 0% chance of rain with a high of 59 degrees. It will be a lovely day to check out the all new Union Market and the 9th Annual Crafty […]

Trend Spotlight: Scarves

This morning was stupid cold. I said that out loud to myself in the car. "Morning! You are stupid cold!" I searched my car for a scarf because I knew that would help, but nothing. I thought about stopping at the thrift store to buy one on my way to work, but decided all the […]

Trend Spotlight: Apocalypse

Most of us spent the past few days waiting for the world to end via superstorm. Lucky for most in the D.C. area, we escaped in one piece. This got me thinking, are people more likely to enjoy the trend that is thinking of all things apocalypse more or less now? Personally, I find the […]

Crafty Bastards at Union Market: Now Even Bigger

And now, an update on Washington City Paper's Crafty Bastards arts and crafts fair: It's going outdoors again. The fair, which will be held at Union Market this year, was originally scheduled to be inside the market building. But City Paper and the market's organizers have been able to expand the festival to take over […]

Vendor Spotlight: In the Seam

No wall space left for art? How about your sofa? Is there any space free there? New Crafty Bastards vendor, In the Seam creates couch art: an ongoing collection of handmade pillows using their photographs. I am particularly excited to see these in person because they are so striking. All pillows are printed on fine […]

Vendor Spotlight: We Need More Skulls

Around this time of year, most people need more skulls. Human skulls, mostly. But have you considered adding some bird skulls to your collection? Or perhaps the lovely skull of a bat? Or even better, the skull of a domestic cat? That is exactly what you will find from new vendor, Skullery, at Crafty Bastards […]

Got a Story to Tell?

This year, we are collecting audio stories from our vendors and festival-goers to create a series of audio podcasts. We would love to hear from you if you have a story to tell. The best stories will make it into the final series. How to record? You can call a toll free voice-mail line and […]

Check Out the Vendor Gallery

Crafty Bastards is November 10th, but you can browse the Vendor Gallery right now by clicking here. Waitlisted vendors will also be added to the gallery soon. So to those on the waitlist, keep an eye on your email this week.