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Craftiest Bastard of the Week: Ninnycat Crochet

Each week we feature an advertiser from the Crafty Bastards Classifieds. This week the honor goes to: Ninnycat Crochet! Ninnycat Crochet makes crocheted goodies, such as earrings and purses! On top of her crafts, Vanessa Alsondo also gives crochet lessons and is a pastry chef preparing to start an online bakery business. Check out her […]

Rocks and Salt Design’s Aviator Style Hat ‘Amelia’

Rocks and Salt give their hats real people names, and it's only fitting as their hats exude personalities of their own. At the Crafty Bastards Festival (tomorrow!), Rocks and Salt will be showcasing their stylin aviator design. Ladies and gentlemen, acquaint yourself with ... Amelia! 1. Is there a specific product that you will be […]

Laura Teeler’s Ruffly Bags and Fabrics

Ruffly, handmade, vintage totes inspired by ... underwear! Yay! That's what Laura Teeler will be showcasing this month at the Crafty Bastards Festival, along with new fabrics and designs. I have a soft spot for undies-inspired accessories, including a headband made from the waistband of a pair of undies. Be on the lookout for Laura's […]

The Devil Made Me Do It’s Rococo-Inspired Sleeves

Get with it, whole shirts are out. Tamara Embrey of The Devil Made Me Do It knows that all you really need is a pair of fancy sleeves — retro, Rococo-inspired sleeves — that can spice up any outfit and turn old shirts into brand new styles. Get your pair from The Devil Made Me […]

Oliba Soap’s Wasabi Bar

Oh me golly, get ready for this. Leslie of Oliba Soap will have Wasabi Soap Bars for sale at the Crafty Bastards Festival this month! If this curiosity doesn't entice you to her booth, I'm not sure what would. These soap bars are moisturizing and exfoliating for the skin, and a sweet treat for the […]

Tina Seamonster’s New Alastair Holiday Cards

Ever itch to say something to a loved one without really having to say it? This holiday season, take a load off and let Alastair the grumpy gnome do the dirty work! Tina Seamonster (of CB blogging fame) will be showcasing her deliciously endearing and cruel holiday cards at this month's Crafty Bastards festival. Muhahahaaa […]

This Chickadee’s Matching Vintage Linen Table Sets

If you haven't quite acquired that dream home yet, at least you can give your current place a vintage makeover with This Chickadee's matching linen table toppers. They are bold and vibrant, with an inviting hint of Southern hospitality. Choose your style from five sets at this month's Crafty Bastards Festival! 1. Is there a […]

Rebound Design’s Paperback Wallets

My nerdy heart is so excited about Rebound Designs' new paperback wallets. Your favorite classics and their vintage cover artwork on your wallet? Nuh-UH! Ingenious. You'll find yourself wanting to spend more money just so you can pull out the wallet and bask in the glory of oohs and aahs. 1. Is there a specific […]

Biggs & Featherbelle’s New Body Scrubs

Biggs & Featherbelle is a godsend for those dry winters that can turn your skin into a frightening piece of parchment paper. At the Crafty Bastards Fair, B&F are going to feature their new body scrubs that will pamper your skin without smothering it in oily residue. Be on the lookout for these luxurious scrubs! […]

JennyJen42’s Narrative Bird Party Pillows

JennyJen42's Narrative Bird Party Pillows spin delightful stories of the birds who mingle and party in her back yard in Baltimore City. Just looking at these cotton pillows can ward off any signs of gloom. Keep your ears open for the sound of birds twittering at the Crafty Bastards Festival! 1. Is there a specific […]