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Something to Wear and Keep

I moved house a few weeks ago and found that it was more than easy to get rid of most of my clothing in the move. They mostly seemed dated or worn or just not me anymore. When the move was done, I unpacked my boxes and found that most of what I decided to keep was either handmade, hand printed or vintage. Then, I quickly went to the thrift store for pants since it seems crafters don't make pants! The Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair this Saturday is a good place to stock up on something new to wear. More importantly, something new to wear that you will want to keep for a long time.

Check out Malagueta out of Huntingdon Valley, PA in booth #67.

They describe their work as "Cyber meets bohemian – a clothing line based on improvised surface manipulation techniques such as applique, couching, shirring, topstitching, ruching, embroidery, & pin-tucking." Lovely.

House of Reboot (booth #13) demonstrates that fashion can be restorative and ethical. They say, "By allowing the past to inform the future, the garments we clothe ourselves in transform not just our own lives, but the world we live in." They use only US-grown, dyed and woven cotton denim and excess and vintage deadstock textiles to craft designs based on historical workwear patterns updated for modernity.

Sewn on restored industrial machinery that was part of the golden era of clothing manufacturing in the US, their selvedge denim work shirt is made on 12 retooled antique machines with over 70 orders of operation.

For the kids, nothing beats Sweet Pepita's recycled shirts into kids' clothing. Shannon loves her kids and yours enough to make her items use only recycled fabric and 100% organic cotton. We have so many of these shirts in our house. I can't say enough about how great they are.

You can check out her one of a kind pieces in booth #6 at the fair.

The 9th annual Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair will be held Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 in Washington, D.C. We’re moving this year to Union Market!

Get Your Crafty Bastards Tickets! Tickets are available online now. Buy tickets online in advance for $5 and enjoy 2-for-1 admission. Admission at the door is $5.

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