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Trend Spotlight: Gig Posters

I am in awe of the amount of work that goes into a gig poster. Concept, design, drawing, printing. Then someone has to hang them all over town. It is hard work, but luckily not a lost art. To prove it, we have more than a handful of gig poster designers joining us for Crafty […]

Something to Wear and Keep

I moved house a few weeks ago and found that it was more than easy to get rid of most of my clothing in the move. They mostly seemed dated or worn or just not me anymore. When the move was done, I unpacked my boxes and found that most of what I decided to […]

Make Something Awesome with Hello Craft at Crafty Bastards

Come hang out with Hello Craft at Crafty Bastards this Saturday! In booth #105 is Hello Craft's Make Something Awesome Area, as seen above. The Make Something Awesome area is the traveling create and take space where anyone can use an assortment of supplies to make a improvised creation or follow directions to make an […]

Check Out the Vendor Map

The vendor map for Saturday's Crafty Bastards is up. Check it out, plan your visit, make your shopping list. The current weather outlook for Saturday is 0% chance of rain with a high of 59 degrees. It will be a lovely day to check out the all new Union Market and the 9th Annual Crafty […]

Vendor Spotlight: Alternate Histories

I don’t know about you, but I have really grown to love D.C. since I moved here.  It’s just the perfect mix of American history and quirky pop culture that gives me pride in my adopted hometown. Which is exactly why I’m absolutely in love with the amazing and offbeat prints from Alternate Histories (Booth […]

Gift Guide: For Those Who Have Too Much To Carry

If you have friends who are car-less in the city chances are they always need a new bag to help carry stuff around. Not only does a bag have to be functional to keep everything organized, it should also be stylish. There are plenty of bags and totes to choose from at this year's Crafty […]

Show Us What Ya Got

Whether you’re an attendee or one of this year’s vendors, use Instagram to interact with other people at the fair. For those of you who haven’t yet discovered this amazing visually-based social media app, it is perfect for sharing your favorite finds at the fair or just pictures of you and your friends enjoying the […]

Gift Guide: Something for the Kitchen

Do you know someone who invites you over for incredible dinners or fattens you up with delicious holiday desserts? Then why not give them a thank you gift to pretty up their time spent in the kitchen this year. Dirty Ass Soaps Why not freshen up with a little bit of humor? As Dirty Ass […]