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Got a Story to Tell?

This year, we are collecting audio stories from our vendors and festival-goers to create a series of audio podcasts. We would love to hear from you if you have a story to tell. The best stories will make it into the final series.

How to record?
You can call a toll free voice-mail line and record your story. The number is 1-866-463-3190. You can speak for up to 10 minutes. If you mess up, just call and do it again. The audio file will be emailed to us, so don't be shy!

What story to tell?
You have all likely heard of Storycorp or The Moth podcast. We are looking for compelling stories about you or your work, your past experiences at Crafty Bastards. Why this event is important to you. Why making a living making things is important to you. How you prepare for the show. People you have met at the show. If you have a good story, you will know you have a good story!

Want to participate, but have questions? Email

We are looking to get stories as soon as possible, so stop reading this post and do it right now!

Image by Seeing in Fabric.

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