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Gift Guide: For The Soon-To-Be Parents

Folks who are expecting usually have baby registries at big box stores to make shopping easy, but let's be honest and admit that most of those items are lame. I personally like to buy one useful gift, like a baby gate, and then something off the registry that I'd be proud to splurge on for my own child when it's time.

At this year's Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair there are plenty of vendors to shop from for all the soon-to-be parents on your list.

Wooly Baby

Wooly Baby makes footwear for wee-ones that looks great and is also practical as the soles have treading to avoid slipping when a baby is just learning to walk. On top of that, the footwear is ecologically friendly as it is made from felted wool sweaters and leather apparel. Slippers are also made in adult sizes so if you're looking to gift something for parents too, here's an easy way to knock off multiple people from your shopping list with one stop.


60 bugs

60 bugs lets you gift a highly usable gift, like a onesie, with added humor via stitching. Phrases like 'So Rad' and 'Heck Yeah' are presented by Debbie Lee who says 60 bugs is "a love for words combined with a love for hand embroidery." While you're visiting 60 bugs also check out the super awesome fingerless gloves with the more adult themed stitching of 'Hell Yeah' for yourself.


My Paper Crane

My Paper Crane creates "plush and 3D soft sculptures, happy (& sometimes very sad) plush veggies, donuts, toilet paper rolls, and other everyday food & household items." In my opinion, a nursery isn't complete unless it is cheered up by the amazing leafy tree plush as seen above.


Sweet Pepita

Sweet Pepita makes clothes for children you wish would come in adult sizes. See Ramones shirt above. Each piece is crafted from recycled fabric and 100% organic cotton. Sweet Pepita says, "our goal is always to create an environmentally and socially conscious product that is just as cool as the kids wearing it."


Cutesy but not Cutesy

Cutesy but not Cutesy creates hand-stitched monsters and fur-lined monster hoodies, as seen above, for kids and adults alike. Each monster comes "fully equipped with horns, or antlers, and a tiny bird-friend to travel along with it throughout its many adventures." Not only would a monster from Cutesy but not Cutesy be visually appealing for a newborn, it will serve as a perfect play companion in just a few years.

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