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Crafty First Timers – Courtney Fischer Jewelry, Beatrice + The Bird, Matthew Porter Art and Rebe

Let’s take a look at some more of the debut vendors at this year’s Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair.

Courtney Fischer Jewelry
Making the trip from Royal Oak, MI, to this year's fair is Courtney Fischer Jewelry. Her jewelry is made from copper, brass, repurposed items and recycled as often as possible. Various techniques such as metalsmithing, casting, patinas, and precious metal clay are used as seen below. She says, "Process ranges to working from a drawing using a hammer, file, and torch or laying out materials and making something on the spot with trusty tools in my garage studio." To learn more, please visit her in the Vendor Gallery.


Beatrice + The Bird
Beatrice + The Bird, from Baltimore, MD, creates women's apparel and accessories from vintage and upcycled textiles such as salvaged t-shirts, bed linens and table cloths. The signature pieces from Beatrice + The Bird are wrap dresses and skirts, as seen below. To learn more, please visit Beatrice + The Bird in the Vendor Gallery.


Matthew Porter Art
Traveling cross country from Seattle, WA, is Matthew Porter Art which features original paintings, art prints, children's books and accessories such as magnets, cards and patches. He says, "My line is based on my original paintings many of them produced for the illustrations in my books. My original pieces are painted on pine wood boards and then sanded to give them a faded and worn feel. I am seeking an aesthetic that is modern and classic and just happens to include a lot of monkeys!" See an example of his work below, and visit him in the Vendor Gallery to learn more.


Rebe makes the trip from Calabasas, CA, this year to present a line of fashionable and functional women wear at this year's fair. Rebe says: "As a designer, I am inspired by simple, feminine, and elegant silhouettes. My collections are often inspired by textiles I find and print." The latest collection was inspired by the history of patchwork and features printed patchwork dresses, pleated pants, scalloped sweaters and recycled fiber sweatshirts and coats as seen below. Please visit the Vendor Gallery to learn more about Rebe.

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