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Crafty First-Timers: Schmancy, Slide Sideways, Pommes Frites and Kelso Doesnt Dance

Let's take another look at some of the debut vendors at the 2011 Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair.

Making the trip from the Pacific NW, Schmancy will be joining Crafty Bastards from Seattle, WA. Not only does Schmancy make awesome plush like below she says: "I am currently obsessed with making cute little magnets and pins, embellished pouches which are great for makeup, pencils, etc. I also enjoy making other small stuffed things and hair accessories. I like to think I am always evolving and changing."

Slide Sideways
Also coming from the Pacific NW this year is Slide Sideways from Tacoma, WA. Slide Sideways creates fun prints and accessories for your home, like the pouch below. Everything is hand screen printed and sewn in their shop using environmentally friendly water based ink and natural and organic fabrics. Full disclosure: this handmade buyer owns a reusable produce bag from Slide Sideways, uses it daily and can attest that it rules.

Pommes Frites
Coming up from Austin, TX, Pommes Frites has a slew of fantastic accessories for your home in their arsenal. They make magnets, candles and book safes among other things. Wait did I just say book safe? Yes, book safes! Which are not only super amazing as seen below, but also super useful.

Kelso Doesnt Dance
Traveling cross-country for this year's fair (from Lake Forest, CA, to be exact) Kelso Doesnt Dance makes accessories, clothing, pins, magnet and stickers from upcycled materials.  Expect wallets made from repurposed maps, dictionaries and book pages, as seen below. The best part about these library card notebooks is that each one is unique and tells a little story of where it came from and who checked it out when and where.

All photos from the Crafty Bastards vendor gallery.


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