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Crafty Bastards Does Food

New at this October's Crafty Bastards will be a whole area dedicated to the craft food scene. A "Foodie Bastards" if you may. Powered by Roadside Food Projects, the area will feature a Crafty Food Market with local and artisanal food to purchase and a D.I.Y. salon to showcase the D.C. area's best culinary talent.

The D.I.Y. Salon will have hands-on demos about food crafting techniques. Think of it as adult workshops to learn how to make things in your kitchen and beyond. Workshops will be led on how to distill homemade moonshine, mix a sourdough starter and how to install a rooftop garden.

This year is also the first Crafty Food Awards. Local craft food makers can enter product in these three categories: preserves, pickles and beer. Stay tuned to the Crafty Bastards Cut the Craft blog to learn how to enter.

Photo by 3liz4.


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    Aw man, food in cans only? Is there a licensing restriction that prevents baked goods and the like? It would be so great if the non-can-inclined "culinary talent" could also get some love!

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    I thought the DIY salon meant I could pretend to be a stylist and cut a stranger's hair.

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    @Kari. We are accepting all 'craft' foods for the Crafty Food Market. Stay tuned. We will be putting out applications this week. Thanks for your interest.

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