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Handmade Holiday: Support DC Crafters

Happy Holidays gocco printed bike card from

In case you haven't heard, holiday shopping season has arrived.  Since you are reading this, I'll assume you're not the sort that rushes to big box stores at 4am the day after Thanksgiving.  If you're like me, you want no part of the mind-numbing mall experience and would rather avoid our nation's gross display of holiday consumerism altogether.

But you still want to give gifts and you want them to be meaningful.  If you're not making the gift yourself, you prefer to buy handmade from someone else (even better if they live in your area).  You shop on Etsy, but sometimes have a hard time finding locally made items that appeal to your sensibilities.  I know.  It's tough being a discerning handmade consumer.

I want to help.  This post is the first in a series focused on buying handmade in the DC area.  Check back over the next few weeks for shopping guides to local craft markets, stores that carry handmade goods and links to the 2009 Crafty Bastards vendors from the DC-MD-VA region.

First up, the District of Columbia's finest.  This list features the 2009 Crafty Bastards vendors that listed DC as their home:

8th Street Soap Kitchen

blugrn design



Daisy Lacy:  You can find her stuff at Smash!

Dirty Pictures:


Jenny Wren Jewelry:

Jon Wye

Kelly Towles

Kristina Bilonick:

Les & Oscar:

Sean Hennessey


Tina Seamonster

Stay tuned for the Maryland & Virginia Crafty Bastards lists.  Be sure to tell us about your favorite local artists and where you find handmade items in the comments.

Image Credit: Gocco-printed Happy Holidays Bike Card by Not local, but still awesome.


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