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You Will Love Final Approach

The competition to get into Crafty Bastards is fierce. Usually only one in four applications make it to the show. This year we have a pretty large crop of new faces setting up their tents on October 3rd. There are over 30 new vendors and my goal is to tell you about as many of them as I can in the 'You Will Love' series.

But first, I wanted to spotlight one of last year's new vendors. Final Approach take vintage hardshell suitcases and redesign them into traveling pieces of art. Jon Pemberton's clever recycling of old suitcases combined with his use of color and sense of humor make him one of my favorite vendors at the fair.

The case that I got from him last year is my most prized possession. The awesome thing about Final Approach is that every piece is one of a kind and his booth has something for everyone. No really, I'm not just saying that.

You will totally love Final Approah. Find them in Booth #86 at Crafty Bastards on October 3 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Marie Reed Learning Center in Adams Morgan.

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