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Figuring out Twitter

I have found that people who aren't using Twitter don't really understand the value of this exciting little Web site. People ask me, "How much can you say in 140 characters?" My answer to this is, "enough." During my day, I use Twitter to send out links to my Etsy shop, headlines from my blog, small bits of thoughtfulness, jokes, assignments for one of my many blogs and podcasts. If I need something written for my television review site, odds are I will get it in the hour if I tweet it. Twitter is an awesome place to find your online voice, test your brand, make friends, create space in the minds of your followers for you.

That said, this article, 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business by Chris Brogan, brilliantly spells it all out for you. If you haven't figured it out yet, check out Chris' piece and get tweeting!

I would also recommend this article, Web Strategy: The Evolution of Brands on Twitter by Jeremiah Owyang.

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    2 years ago, I heard about Twitter and signed up. It had a boring interface, did not have the reply function (as far as I know), and the only people on it were cyber geeks, so I closed my account. Last month I rediscovered it, and it has turned into an amazingly fun and interactive meeting place. I now have a healthy addiction to it.

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