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Spun Cotton Halloween Decorations

I don't buy Halloween decorations. Never have. Sure, I have a Halloween table cloth in my dining room, but that is pretty much year around. That said, I love Halloween. I love the colors, the monsters, the crisp air. I always peruse the decoration section at the store each year, hoping that something will jump out at me. Hoping that I will find something useless that I can buy that will decorate my home. Everything is always too cartoony or too scary or too plastic.

Then the other day I came across Maria Pahls' wonderfully strange spun cotton creations. They made me want to outfit my home with bats and ghosts all year long. I can't help but highlight nearly all of her shop. Take a look.

Brown Bat Halloween spun cotton ornament, sold.

Spun Cotton Halloween Jack O Lantern Boy ornament, $34.99.

Spun Cotton Halloween Mini Ornament Set, sold.

Spun Cotton Witchie Witch Halloween Ornament, $34.99

And this one is needle felted:

Happy Halloween!

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