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Awesome Crafty Entertainment Line-up!

So you're definitely excited about checking out the 100+ totally rad vendors at Crafty Bastards THIS SUNDAY (yay!), but be sure to schedule your time so you can see the amazing performers we've got in the Performance Pit ALL day long! You'll find set times below, and be sure to check back here all week long for Q & As with everyone.

10 am and between performers all day long Crafty Bastards MC Ken Vegas has been performing all over the world since 1996. He is also the founder of the DC Kings who were founded in 2000 and also the producer of the Great Big International Drag King show.

10 am and between performers all day long DJ Saggiatore plays rock top musics for sophisticated people... a disciple of the principles laid out at David Mancuso's 'the Loft' with a sidelong glance back at Francis Grasso.

10:30 am – 11:20 am Check out the awesomeness of DC's distorted classical theatre company, Taffety Punk Theatre Company.

11:30 am – 12:20 pm Rock-n-Romp, the awesome family friendly rock show series, showcases cool local music for parents and kids. This year we've got FEVER bringing the kid-friendly rock! With influences ranging from the deliberately trashy croon of T. Rex, the garagey roots rock of early Kinks, the dynamic shifts of ELO, and the energy of The Jam, FEVER ascribe to a timeless teenage sensibility, both in their musical content and boyish good looks.

12:40 pm – 1:20 pm Statehood! Rhythm section of the Dismemberment Plan, singer of the Motorcycle Wars and guitar from the Vehicle Birth drinking all of the coffee and making music. Full length CD "Lies and Rhetoric" is out now, 2nd CD coming in spring of 2009.

1:35 pm – 2:25 pm A wushu kung fu group from the Chinese Martial Arts Institute located in Fairfax, Virgina will be demonstrating a mixture of kung fu, sanda, taiji and qinna. They will be performing basic drills and jumps, internal and external forms, applications, and fighting sets.

2:30 pm – 5:30 pm B-Boy Battle! brings down the house with incredible vibes and insane moves at the 4th annual Crafty Bastards breakdance competition.

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