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Tweet Tweet – Follow the Twitter Feed For Secret Sales

At this year's fair, we are setting up a fun little experiment with the Crafty Bastards Twitter feed. Follow us on Twitter, get our tweets sent directly to your phone, and we will send you special announcements and secret sales throughout the day of the fair.

Not only will you get super secret messages from Crafty vendors and staff, but you will be able to join in on the conversation. The Crafty Bastards Twitter feed will be posted on the Washington CityPaper web site! We will be posting updates all day during the fair. You can join in with your own Twitter updates by just adding @CraftyBastards to your posts. Tell us about all the neat stuff that you are seeing, live from the show!

So, here is what you need to do to join in the fun:
1. Follow Crafty Bastards on Twitter.
2. Set up your account to get our posts via your mobile phone. (Standard text messaging rates apply.)
3. ** Don't forget to go to the Crafty Bastards twitter page while logged into your acccount and choose to get messages from us on your mobile phone.

4. Turn on your phone during the fair and get super awesome special secret messages.

See you at the fair on September 28th!


  1. #1

    I just signed up!

    Someone took my name! I can't fault them for their great taste, but now I'm "thekateblack" instead of KateBlack. At least to Twitter.

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