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This Chickadee’s Matching Vintage Linen Table Sets

If you haven't quite acquired that dream home yet, at least you can give your current place a vintage makeover with This Chickadee's matching linen table toppers. They are bold and vibrant, with an inviting hint of Southern hospitality. Choose your style from five sets at this month's Crafty Bastards Festival!

1. Is there a specific product that you will be selling at the fair that you would like to talk about?

To complement the a la carte placemat and coaster line-up, I've stitched together some matching sets from vintage linens. Four placemats, four coasters and four napkins combine to make a lovely table topper and get along well since they are all cut from the same cloth. The placemats and coasters are quilted and the napkins neatly hemmed. There are five different sets available, each print is as lively and bold as the decade it was born in. Everything old is new again!

2. Does this product have an origin story? Did the idea come to you in a dream or through a portal or other strange way?

Placemats require a good amount of fabric to construct, and after the last show my stash was reduced to stragglers. New fabrics are fantastic, but their production does create environmental waste. So I'd been dreaming up ways to introduce repurposed/recycled fabrics into the collection and had started collecting some vintage linens. Then I had an "I wonder..." moment and just started snipping and sewing.

3. What famous personality (alive or dead, real or imagined) would most likely be found wearing/holding/admiring this product? Why?

Well, Scarlett O'Hara did famously make a ballgown from curtains but I don't see her as much of a hostess. Other southern ladies come to mind, though, like the characters in steel magnolias. Someone who would welcome you into their home and make sure you felt comfortable being there. You know that Dolly would insist on you staying for dinner. She'd be taking your drink order when you walked in the door and sending you out with full belly and a bag of cookies.

4. Convince me that this piece should be one of only 3 things I could take with me to a deserted island!

When you start to lose your mind from drinking seawater, you could have a delightful little tea party with your imaginary friends.


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    thanks for the post CB crew. see you soon!

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    Great post and awesome work of course!!!

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