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Here’s the Zipcar Tipping Point in D.C.

To justify the cost of owning a car over car-sharing in the District, you would need to take at least 18 Zipcar trips within a year.

Enterprise CarShare Coming to the District

D.C.'s short-term rental car market apparently isn't quite full yet: Enterprise CarShare is the latest to arrive.
Enterprise announced today that it would expand its car share program to the District on Sept. 23 and will have vehicles in about 40 locations with plans to double that number by the end of November.
Enterprise CarShare will directly [...]

One-Third of D.C. Transplants Socialist

The Washington Post does the math:
A third of people who have lived in the District for less than a decade described themselves as Zipcar users, a Washington Post survey found, and they’re also most likely to cruise around town on the red bicycles offered by the Capital Bikeshare program.
At least, that goes for young white college [...]

The Needle: The Real Big East Edition

Hoya Paranoia: Big East basketball is tough—plays that might be called technical fouls in other conferences barely merit a glance from the refs. But that doesn't mean the Georgetown Hoyas were ready for what they got today in China, in the second game of their "goodwill tour." A bench-clearing brawl ended the game in the [...]

The Needle: Congress Strikes Back Edition

Who Needs a Vote?: The Tea Party's rallying cry all of last year was, "No taxation without representation!" So it's somewhat mysterious that among the first moves the Tea Party-powered Republican House did today was to strip D.C. of the mostly symbolic representation we get for our tax dollars, voting down a resolution by Del. [...]

District Limerick: No, Really, You Choose

The week between Santa and booze
Is, shall we say, short on huge news
Since workloads are light
Help out with my plight:
A topic is so hard to choose...
There's zoning for Zipcar's Rolls Royces
Adieu to those sweet "Ragtime" voices
Do you know a story
That's worth lim'rick glory?
The sky is the limit on choices

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—No, you didn't miss it.
Morning all. Big news of this Dead Week Tuesday is that a tree fell. Indeed, early on Tuesday morning, three [...]