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From Young & Hungry: BONMi Opens Today in Downtown D.C.

BONMi, a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich shop opens today (right now, in fact) on 19th and Eye Streets NW, Chris Shott reports:
All the proteins are prepared sous-vide, but the proprietors didn't want to get too fancy with the menu. "We really kept in mind, 'What is the American palate going to eat?'" says Lynne Jacoby, a partner [...]

From Young & Hungry: 57 Reasons To Hate Artisanal Ketchup

Ketchup—or catsup, if you will—has been the subject of much discussion in the City Paper offices over the last week. Though fancy, house-made ketchups are popping up all over the city, it's clear that anything other than Heinz is unnecessary. Still, it took some digging to find out why. Young & Hungry's Chris Shott is [...]

From Young & Hungry: Chefs Veg Out

Stefanie Gans talks to Logan Cox, executive chef at Ripple about vegetarian dishes:
Favorite Vegetable: Ramps. They have a short season and they grow wild everywhere and that makes them interesting to me. They're not quite onion-y, not quite garlicky. And you can eat them raw and pickled. I love pickled things.
Huh, I've [...]

Tim Carman Selected for Best Food Writing 2009

Washington City Paper food critic Tim Carman's piece "How Not to Hire a Chef" (5/22) has been selected for inclusion in Best Food Writing 2009. It is the second year in a row that Carman's work has been chosen for the anthology.
Carman's piece examines, or maybe more precisely spatchcocks, local restaurateur Andy Shallal's Top [...]