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Our Morning Roundup: The “Death Watch is Over” Edition

The Patrick Swayze Death Watch is finally over. The 57-year-old actor of Dirty Dancing fame, who "succumbed to cancer," as so many news outlets like to say, died yesterday, which means I won't have to look at National Enquirer covers in the grocery store check-out line anymore showing him gaunter and gaunter and closer to [...]

Scenes from Post-Racial America: The Outburst Edition

Maureen Dowd, in yesterday's New York Times column, "Boy, Oh Boy," on Joe Wilson's outburst during Barack Obama's speech to Congress: "Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it."

Cheap Seats Daily: It’s 9/11! Did You Pay $23.99 Plus Shipping for Dan Snyder’s Commemorative Hat?

Great Moments in Capitalism™, Special 9/11 Edition
On this date in 2005: Get your Tragedy Hats!
None of the Redskins marketing endeavors under Dan Snyder dropped the jaw faster than the "Redskins Flag Hat" that went on sale on the team's web site and at FedExField at the beginning of the 2005 season.
For $23.99 plus shipping where [...]

Joe “You Lie!” Wilson: Rudeness or Racism?

When Joe Wilson, the previously unknown but now infamous South Carolina congressman, shouted out "You lie!" to Barack Obama during the president's health care address to Congress Wednesday night, it seemed, most of all, really, really rude, and you didn't have to be a Democrat to think that.
It was also, some hold, racist – at [...]