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D.C.’s Blizzard Coverage Looked Very White on Local News Sites

I’m pretty sure people were digging out their cars in Fort Totten.

What Happens in Vegas…Causes a Local News Twitter Spat in D.C.

Journalist vs. journalist FOIA death match!

WUSA9 Van Robbed in Allegedly Sketchy Neighborhood Had $600 Louis Vuitton Wallet, $3,500 Chanel Bag

Call it irony, or call it bad karma, or simply call it lousy luck. But a WUSA9 crew is out thousands of dollars after it tried reporting last Friday on an offensively stupid new app that crowdsources information from users to determine which neighborhoods and streets are "sketchy" and presumably should be avoided.
Not far into Friday, the [...]

Russ Ptacek Spent Tuesday Waiting for Muriel Bowser

WUSA9 investigative reporter Russ Ptacek and a cameraman sat outside Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Muriel Bowser's office at the Wilson Building for two and a half hours Tuesday, waiting to snag an interview with the Democratic mayoral nominee. But Bowser never came, and Ptacek, whom Washington City Paper dubbed D.C.'s most excitable newsman in a 2013 cover story, [...]

What Dean & Deluca’s Health Code Violations Look Like

As Dean & Deluca has proven twice now, a Georgetown address and vermin are not mutually exclusive. The Department of Health has shuttered the upscale gourmet food shop twice within the last year or so for health-code violations "including but not limited to heavy infestation of vermin," according to WUSA9.
Most recently, the shop was closed for [...]

Chatter: The King of Sting

What you said about what we said last week
We are not, it turns out, the only fans of Russ Ptacek, the WUSA9 investigative reporter whose bombastic stings of racist cab drivers and health-code violators have enlivened D.C’s TV news landscape over the last year. Commenting on Will Sommer’s profile of Ptacek, I watch news [...]

Georgetown Dean & DeLuca Closed for Mice Poop By the Cheese, Live Birds

Update, 7:00 p.m.: statement from Dean & DeLuca added below.
Looks like Washington's birds and rats have turned to class war. WUSA9's Russ Ptacek reports that Georgetown's boutique Dean & DeLuca grocery store was closed yesterday after health inspectors found that, among other things, it had mice droppings right by the cheese display:
Live birds, rat droppings [...]

District Line Daily: Orange and the Rats

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Councilmember Vincent Orange helped keep open a wholesale food store run by a campaign contributor, even [...]

Reporter Goes To Catch A Predator on Racist Cab Drivers

Washington's full of journalists, but it's sadly lacking in a certain kind of media type: the histrionic local TV news "I-Team" reporter. D.C. has the requisite corrupt politicians, so why can't we get somebody to ambush them with a microphone and camera crew?
Maybe we're about to. When I first heard that WUSA9 reporter and Anderson [...]

WUSA Kills Lindsay Lohan Story Due to Lohan Overexposure

Sick of Lindsay Lohan, even after her comeback in Lifetime's Liz and Dick? So is WUSA 9 News Director Fred D'Ambrosi. When D'Ambrosi saw that his station planned to run a story about Lohan during its 5 p.m. broadcast, he tweeted that he was considering banning it and all future stories about the troubled starlet.
After [...]

D.C. Hipness Heads to TV

The argument over whether D.C. is hip or not, reawoken a month ago (!) by the Atlantic Wire, no longer needs any sort of "news peg" or "relevance" to justify stories about itself. And so, WUSA9 ran a story last night about whether D.C. is hip.
Morgan Greenhouse, VerdeHouse founder and #hipDC Twitter campaign backer, makes [...]

Is Anderson Cooper This D.C. Reporter’s Doppelgänger?

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
WUSA 9 reporter Russ Ptacek hates dirty restaurants. Hates them. His excitable reports for the station teem with disgust at business owners who neglect to have a licensed food manager. As I write this, he's on something called an "undercover #foodalert investigation." Such freezer-diving might be less prestigious than his last [...]

Wells Camp Slams WUSA9 Over Botched Resignation Call

Enjoy your weekend, Washington, but be warned: the federal investigation into Vince Gray is making the political atmosphere in this town so heated, anyone could be accused of calling for the mayor's resignation at any moment. You're walking your dog...boom, you've denounced the mayor. You're cooking dinner...boom, you've denounced the mayor. You're taking a nap...boom!
Or [...]

McCarren Files Another Story On Underage Liquor Sales

Looks like WUSA's Andrea McCarren isn't backing down quite yet. Even though there were reports that the reporter would be switching beats in order to stave off bullying of her kids after she reported on a local liquor store that was selling to minors, her by-line is on the most yesterday's story about the owner [...]

Why Should You Watch Tonight’s WUSA News at 11?

Because they'll probably be airing some repurposed City Desk footage, alongside an interview with me.
No promises.  But tune in to find out.