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Hear Dave McKenna (And Riggo) On TV

City Paper's Cheap Seats columnist Dave McKenna will appear on MASN tonight at 5 p.m., on the John Riggins Show, which the network just brought back (perhaps because Riggo's collection of YouTube rants about the Redskins were such a hit last season). The show will also be broadcast on the radio, on WTOP-3, the all-news [...]

World Cup Roundup: France Frustrated, South Africa Thrilled to Draw, Marc Fisher Hates It All

Let the media frenzy begin! Appearing on The Colbert Report last night, Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher kicked-off World Cup fever in true American fashion–by trashing the game of soccer entirely. "Soccer is un-American," Fisher, proud owner of the title America's Most Prominent Soccer Hater, told host Stephen Colbert. "It's a great game for little kids running around on [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Free Ride Edition

Taking the trolley around town could cost you as little as nothing. Maybe.
"It is certainly possible that in certain areas of the city it would be free," District Department of Transportation Director Gabe Klein tells WTOP.
City officials yesterday unveiled a 66-foot-long, 168-seat Czech-designed prototype of the streetcars planned to one day shuttle Washingtonians to and fro. (Our own [...]

More Footage of College Park-Area Chaos

Prosecutors in Prince George's County are considering whether to file charges against police officers involved in the highly publicized beating of University of Maryland student John J. McKenna during a raucous campus-area celebration of the Terapins' basketball victory over Duke on March 3, WTOP reports.
Footage of the incident, released yesterday by McKenna's attorney, has now [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Barras Rounds It Up

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—Famous Channel 4 sportscaster George Michael dies at 70. Also, more on the snowball fight, as City Desk reports on an effort by D.C. police [...]

Morning Roundup: The “Homer Simpson Gets a Thumbs-Up From the Pope, Sort Of” Edition

Good morning, City Desk readers. Last I met you in this space, we were engaging in panic about the impending Snowpocalypse. And I didn't even know then about the snowball-toting anarchists!
Speaking of anarchists, President Barack Obama phoned in yesterday to WTOP's "Ask the Governor," on which Virginia's outgoing chief executive, Tim Kaine, was taking a [...]

Obama Calls WTOP, Delays Traffic and Weather

"Barry from D.C." called in to WTOP's Ask the Governor today, where Tim Kaine was taking a final bow as Virginia's chief exec.
Barry, it turned out, was President Barack Obama, offering his good wishes to Kaine as he leaves office.
Hosting that day was WTOP reporter Mark Segraves, who says he was only informed of the [...]

Sexual Orientation Hate Crimes Jump In Wards 7, 8

According to new D.C. Police data [PDF], there has been a total of 36 hate crimes committed in the District  as of September 30. That's about the same for 2008 and 2007's totals of 38.
By far, the majority of hate crimes have revolved around sexual orientation. As of Sept. 30, there have been 31 such [...]

Don Peebles Starts Sounding Like a Mayoral Candidate

R. Donahue Peebles is starting to sound more and more like a man who's running for mayor.
On the same morning that Washington Times reporter David C. Lipscomb revealed that several Peebles-related Internet domains have been quietly snapped up, the megadeveloper appeared on WTOP's Politics Program this morning to address the mayoral scuttlebutt.
Under questioning from host [...]

Riggins Explains ‘Dark Heart’ Tirade, Adds Perspective to the Redskins’ Holocaust

John Riggins took some chuckles out of the Dan Snyder bashing season when he said the Redskins owner was a "bad guy" with a dark heart. The big let-down of Riggins' rant came from its utter lack of examples of Snyder's conduct that would back up such soul judging. The controversy wasn't addressed in the [...]

WTOP’s Mark Segraves to Get TV Show

It's been a good week for WTOP reporter Mark Segraves. On Monday, he broke a story about Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's use of public resources to facilitate his bike training rides. Now, he tells LL, he's inked a deal to host his own TV show.
No name has yet been determined, but starting next month, Segraves [...]

Chief Cathy Lanier: The True Victim Of Fenty’s Latest Scandal

Don't you pity D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier? Murders are way down. And she's stuck defending Fenty's latest mini scandal. This past week, WTOP broke the news on Fenty's police-escorted bike training sessions. During his training, Fenty was able to ride wherever with the help of some D.C. Police motorcycle cops. This has provoked widespread [...]

WTOP: Fenty Uses D.C. Cops to Escort Cycling Team

WTOP's Mark Segraves has the hot scoop: He is reporting that Mayor Adrian M. Fenty regularly uses motorcycle-mounted police to escort his cycling team as they train throughout the District and Maryland. This happens during weekday business hours, leading to traffic backups.
Moreover, Segraves says, Fenty and his team, D.C. Velo, use the cops to run [...]

Metro Crash Death Count: WTF

So how did the Red Line metro crash death toll jump to nine last night then fall back to seven this morning and then back up to nine? Last night, City Desk reported that three news outlets—WUSA9, WTOP, and WJLA—had confirmed that nine had died in the crash. WTOP cited the D.C. Fire Department as [...]

Nickles on WTOP: I Will Hunt Down Leaker

This morning, Attorney General Peter J. Nickles appeared on WTOP's Politics Program with Mark Plotkin to discuss a variety of matters.
Mark Segraves, who also questioned Nickles, already posted an item about Nickles' strong statements on Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry. Asked if not paying your taxes should disqualify a person from public office, Nickles said [...]