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Photos: Sumo Sunday

Sumo Wrestlers Yama, Byamba, and Takeshi, 945 Florida Ave NW, April 3rd, 2016.
More photos here.  © 2016 Matt Dunn

Marion Barry Wrestling Move: The Video!

As promised, an update to Loose Lips' huge Marion Barry wrestling story. Because Washington City Paper is a full-service news organization, LL is proud to bring you video footage of the "Washington Bullets" (Jon and Trey Williams) actually performing the move known to all connoisseurs of west Georgia wrestling as the Marion Barry:

(The video should [...]

The Piledriver, The Sleeper Hold, The… Marion Barry?

God bless Google Alerts. Otherwise, Loose Lips might never have discovered this gem: Marion Barry has a wrestling moved named in his honor. Well, maybe.
According to the Web site, amateur wrestling duo Jon and Trey Williams, aka “The Washington Bullets,” used the “Marion Barry” this last weekend to defeat two female opponents, Sunshine and [...]

The Last Wrestler

D.C.'s last wrestler turned out pretty damn OK.
Clint Billings wrestled for Wilson Senior High School during the 2004-2005 season. He was the only guy on the school wrestling team. And Wilson was the only DCIAA school that had even one wrestler that year.
No DCIAA school, not even Wilson, has fielded a wrestling team since.