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Will the Weather Be the Same Without Bob Ryan?

In 1996, big snowstorms didn't get fancy names on social media. All we had back then was Bob Ryan.
As the blizzard of '96 (still the third-largest three-day snowfall in recorded D.C. weather history, despite Snowmageddon and its ilk) approached, Ryan was getting punchy. A day or two before the snow arrived, I was home from [...]

Farewell, Mac

When I was a junior in high school, my pal Marc and I tried out for our school's It's Academic team. We finished fourth and fifth—though it remains a subject of some dispute as to just which of us was fourth and which was fifth. But the implications were clear: We were good enough to [...]

Sherwood: On a Story

Venerable WRC-TV correspondent Tom Sherwood, the dean of the D.C. local politics reportocracy, is working on a piece about fire hydrants, and how they don't work. So he's skulking around in the John A. Wilson Building and has managed to collar a couple of residents who live near dysfunctional fire hydrants. Next step is to [...]