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Nick Charles, the Guy Who Made Room for George Michael, Is Dying

Sports Illustrated has a brutal and wonderful story about former D.C. sportscaster Nick Charles, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in August 2009 and, according to the piece, "will die soon."
Among the story's many fine passages is this one, about Charles's recent experiences with well-wishers:
He gets e-mails and phone calls from friends. Two weeks ago Mike [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: George Michael Lives On?

"We're 4-13. I can hardly even say it." Jim Zorn during last night's post-game press conference, erroneously reflecting on the Redskins record heading into the 16th and last game of the season. The coach's misery won't end until a trip to San Diego to face the Chargers and Norv Turner, perhaps the only guy who [...]