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Big Programming Changes Are Coming to WPFW

"I am very upset about the changes. I think we need to boycott."
"I for one will not give more money until I hear some answers...some real answers about the station."
"They're not the people's station."
Those were some of the on-air words of WPFW listeners this morning—never mind that the subject of today's Community Comment show was [...]

2012 Debates: Drink, Vote, and Be Merry!

Don't think D.C. politics is a full-contact sport? Then join LL, WPFW's Chuck Thies, and special guest panelists for a series of debates before the April 3 primary!
At-Large: Tuesday, March 20, 8:30-10:30pm at the Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW (guest moderator: NBC4's Tom Sherwood)
Ward 8: Wednesday, March 14, 7:00-9:00pm at Georgena's (formerly Players Lounge), [...]

WPFW May Move to UDC

Programmers and management still remain in a face-off following last night's lengthy and emotional meeting of WPFW's listener-elected Local Station Board. But the future of the "Jazz and Justice" community radio station is now a lot more secure, at least physically: General Manager John Hughes told the assembly that the station may soon close an [...]

No Justice, No Jazz?

There were plenty of things that made Monday night's town-hall event hosted by the aggrieved volunteer programmers of WPFW surreal. Several minutes in, Jay Winter Nightwolf, the host of the "jazz and justice" station's Friday 7 p.m. block, slipped on a Native American headdress and read a list of grievances and demands. Programmers related horror stories about [...]

Occupy PFW? Programmers Host a Town Hall Tonight

Any follower of WPFW, D.C.'s Pacifica-owned "jazz and justice" station, knows that discontent among its mostly volunteer staff is frequent and frequently high-pitched. But its current programmer revolt might be something else. Last week, 80 on-air programmers declared "no confidence" in the station's general manager, accusing him of mismanagement and a lack of transparency.
Now, the station's [...]

WPFW Staff Declare No Confidence in GM

Staffers and volunteer programmers at WPFW, the D.C. "jazz and justice" radio station that is also Washington City Paper's neighbor one floor below, have declared no confidence in the station's general manager John Hughes, they announced in a press release this evening:
“Mr. Hughes has shown a willingness to circumvent station bylaws, ignore process, and demonstrated [...]

More Staff Turmoil at WPFW

WPFW, the D.C. outpost of the peaceful-sounding Pacifica Radio network, is famous for office politics that are anything but peaceful.
The latest carnage at the progressive jazz-and-politics station: Station Manager Grigsby Hubbard and Program Director Bob Daughtry were both given the axe yesterday during the D.C. visit of Pacifica Foundation Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt.
"We needed a [...]

Tonight: Teza at Avalon

Fans of independent film and foreign affairs should see tonight's screening of Haile Gerima's Teza, hosted by WPFW and the European Commission.
Gerima's film follows Anberber, a displaced Ethopian who studied medicine in Germany with hopes of bringing his skills back home, only return to a country  ravaged by the Marxist dictator Haile Mariam Mengistu.
An [...]