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The Needle: D.C. Etiquette

Dear Abby: How high does the temperature have to climb in order to turn the World War II Memorial's fountain? People are actually doing this. So, oof, let's just hope these are tourists and not us upstanding locals. -2

D.C. is So Hot Right Now: At noon today, when temperatures reached around 92 degrees, D.C. was literally the [...]

National Park Service Director to Congress: Seriously, the Parks Are Closed

Republicans put the Director of the National Park Service, Jonathan Jarvis, under fire Wednesday morning, subpoenaing him to testify in front of Congress to investigate, in part, why open-air parks like the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial are shuttered.
Jarvis' explanation: Well, there's a government shutdown, and the NPS is funded by the government.
The [...]

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The Needle: Put Me in Coach

Shutdown Food Porn: The handiest flowchart ever to help you find the perfect government shutdown food and drink specials. +3
Put Me in Coach, I'm Ready to Play: Minor League baseball team Potomac Nationals are offering free tickets to Opening Day 2014 for furloughed government workers. The organization is also offering government workers the opportunity to [...]