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In the Eyes of the World, RFK Stadium Isn’t Soccer-Friendly?

A group from FIFA, the all-powerful and mostly shady global soccer sanctioning body, is in town this morning for a quick look-see of the local facilities as part of a national tour before deciding if the U.S. should be granted another shot at hosting a World Cup in 2018 or 2022.
Here's the itinerary for the [...]

Photo: Flying Colors

World Cup Celebration, Chinatown, July 11th. © 2010 Matt Dunn

Did That Mexican Dude Pull a Freddie Brown?

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Mexico's loss to Argentina in the World Cup had shades of the Georgetown Hoyas' loss to North Carolina in the 1982 NCAA basketball championship game. The play all fans of the losers are going to remember was a flub.
Mexican defender Ricardo Osorio dished off to [...]

Where Are You, DPR Fans?

It's not easy for the lazy to show their loyalties for North Korea during the World Cup.

And not just because the team blows (who loses by a touchdown at that level of soccer?) or because rooting for Kim Jong's boys in public around these parts will get you on all sorts of no-fly lists.

Another reason [...]

Photos: Mexico 2, France 0

Our Morning Roundup: Virginia Back In The Black Edition

Good morning, everyone. Today’s somehow supposed to be a lovely Tuesday with intermittent possibilities of rain. Doesn’t make much sense to me. I went out and bought the Facebook Effect last night–haven’t been this excited about a read since Harry Potter. This morning's photo is in honor of Twitter–the sperm whale was failing all last [...]

Photo: Vuvuzela

Vuvuzela, Dupont Circle, June 12.  © 2010 Matt Dunn

Weekend In Review: Unapologetically Nationalistic Edition

WaPo's Steven Goff called it "one of the worst gaffes in World Cup play in recent memory." The British press was far less kind. "Hand of Clod," read the headline in London's News of the World. And the Sun: "Curses! New keeper cock-up as Green gifts Yanks a point." We're speaking, of course, about England goalkeeper [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

This Friday, a welcome distraction
And proof that the sport has gained traction:
The all-out bonanza
doth merit a stanza
The World Cup swings into action!
And speaking of sports-laden dross
I s'pose that young Stephen can toss
They call him The Savior
Because his behavior
Brings Pirates to ruinous loss
Not everyone had a great week
Dear Helen, oh why did you speak?
She used to [...]

Morning Roundup: World Cup Edition

Morning, all. How many of you are planning to play hooky in order to catch the kickoff of the World Cup? We've got dozens (and counting) of great options for your soccer watchin', and a few delays, Biergarten is opening just in time for the Cup, too.
Amidst all the World Cup celebration in South Africa, [...]

D.C. Council Catches World Cup Fever (Sort of)

Emergency legislation passed by D.C. Council yesterday allowing D.C. bars to open as early as 7 a.m. during the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa would seem to suggest the presence of a few footy fans in the upper eschelons of city government, right?
Well, sort of. "Soccer has enormous interest everywhere, from what I [...]

Photo: Football Fever

Man with big football © 2010 Matt Dunn