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Suspicious Package More Suspicious Than Usual [UPDATED]

WJLA-TV is reporting an "escalated response" to today's suspicious package at 19th and F Streets NW, which had authorities tied up for five hours, sealing off several square blocks surrounding the World Bank and parts of the George Washington University campus.
Some witnesses may have even heard a "small explosion," according the local ABC affiliate's Jennifer Donelan, who describes the overall level of police response [...]

Racist Graffiti At The World Bank

In the wake of Wednesday’s Holocaust Museum shooting, this story seems even creepier: The Government Accountability Project says racial slurs were scrawled on the walls of the World Bank’s Legal Affairs offices. 

Can You Eat on a Dollar a Day?

Earlier this week, the New York Times published a fascinating piece about a California couple who tried to live for a month on a $1-a-day food budget. Their mission was certifiably insane, but their motivation was noble. After all, as reporter Tara Parker-Pope noted, "The World Bank says nearly a billion people around the world [...]