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Morning Roundup: The ‘Apologize With a Poem’ Edition

Good morning.
So, in no particular order: Marion Barry is "truly, truly" sorry. Erik Wemple is leaving City Paper. Dick Cheney has had another (!) heart attack. And more snow could be on the way!

Our Morning Roundup: Kausfiles Runs JournoList Leak

JournoList, the top-secret liberals-only Google listserve that the America Prospect's Ezra Klein started in 2007, has made its way into the wide world, courtesy of the irreverant Mickey Kaus. The list has drawn conservative's ire since Politico reported its existence earlier this month. NRO's Mark Hemingway threw a fit and fell in it, asking "if [...]

Obama Already Touched By Scandal (Not Really)

Bob Woodward suggested on TV that the Obama administration may be rocked by scandal soon enough. The investigative journalist hinted that it has something to do with a nanny problem. Meanwhile, Mike Madden of Salon reports that the White House's e-mail system is down. Wonkette provides the witty commentary for the e-mail problem:
"Sorry dudes all [...]

Mystery Of Ginkgo Stink Epidemic Solved

This past week, two prominent web-first web-only outfits vented over the pervasive poop smell invading major power corridors of our city. The poop smell comes from ginkgo trees. Wonkette was the first to bitch. DCist questioned its army of readers about it. Readers described the smell as "vomit," and referred to the trees as "jizz [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* It's not just for Republicans anymore! Michelle Obama wears fabulous, egregiously expensive jewelry, too. [via Wonkette].
* DCist Sommer Mathis cries foul on $9.95 plus shipping for a newspaper (don't even get her started on the special election issue sweatshirt). Commemorative hand towels of DCist's official declaration of election newsprint hype blog post coming [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* Wonkette live-blogged Barack Obama's television infomercial last night on "poverty and murder." All you need to know:
8:22 — Nevermind, the mother wasn’t the fourth Poor in his story. It’s Joe Biden.
8:22 — No — it’s Claire McCaskill.
8:22 — No — It’s Barack Obama. He is the fourth Poor in his own story.
8:23 — [...]