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The Snowball Assault Case Updated!

With the snow mostly melted,  all that's left is a court case. On Feb. 10, Maria Lewis was arrested for assaulting a D.C. cop with a snowball outside Wonderland. Lewis was eventually charged with a misdemeanor assault on Officer Lynn Pittmon.
The police filed their own narrative of events in D.C. Superior Court. It does not [...]

Huge Correction In Snowball Case!

Rule No. 1: When starting a political movement around a friend you think has been wrongly arrested for allegedly hitting a D.C. cop with a snowball, it's best to get her last name right.
Apparently, Maria Louis isn't Maria Louis. Her legal name is Maria Lewis. But, you see, sometimes it's not. Sometimes, she uses Louis. [...]

Maria Louis Lewis Pleads Not Guilty To Snowball Charge

Maria Louis Maria Lewis pleaded not guilty during her arraignment today in D.C. Superior Court. She had been charged with assaulting a police officer during a snowball fight in front of Wonderland. Third District Commander Jacob Kishter had told City Desk that she would be charged with a felony. But her case was never papered [...]

Woman Charged With Assaulting Police Officer During Snowball Fight

It turns out that there was another cop vs. snowball fight incident today. We reprinted an e-mailed account of the snowball incident which took place outside Wonderland shortly after the bar closed. Police officials confirm that a woman was arrested as a result of the incident. She has been charged with assaulting a police officer, [...]