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Street Closures for ‘Race for Hope’ and ‘Sundress Fest’ on Sunday

Running and drinking for causes

The Needle: A Night To Remember

Hungry Hungry Hippos: If you're hungry and competitive, there are a bunch of eating competitions in the District this month to satisfy both your needs. Excessive amounts of tater tots, tacos, burgers, or Italian water ice—take your pick. -2
A Night to Remember: It appears that a couple had their wedding rehearsal dinner at Wonderland Ballroom. We [...]

The Needle: Ol’ Dischord Bastard Edition

Wonderland Bandits: Five years ago, a gang of men rushed into Wonderland Ballroom, in Columbia Heights, wearing masks and carrying guns, and robbed patrons and employees alike. Apparently that sort of thing still works; three armed robbers held the bar up again last night, around 1:45 a.m. Police apprehended one of the suspects shortly afterwards, [...]

Photo: Last Call

Wonderland Ballroom. © 2011 Michael W. Hicks