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Howard University President: FBI Alerted School to Racially-Charged Threat (Video)

Late last night

The Needle: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Ol' Virtual Bastard: The Wu-Tang Clan and N.W.A. will headline this year's Rock the Bells hip-hop tour—complete with appearances by dead members of each group. Ol' Dirty Bastard and Eazy-E will both "perform" with their fellow rappers by hologram when the tour stops at RFK Stadium Sept. 28 and 29. ODB's widow Icelene Jones isn't [...]

Bad Timing: Italian Embassy to Host Wolf Blitzer for Journalism Award

When the organizers of Italy's Urbino Press Award in D.C. looked for a reporter to honor, Wolf Blitzer must have looked like a perfect choice. After 23 years at CNN, Blitzer couldn't be a less controversial example of American journalism. And then the Boston marathon bombings—and CNN's comical misreporting of their aftermath—happened.
Blitzer spent much of [...]

Obama: You’ve Got Something…

Last night, I watched Barack Obama's acceptance speech on a neighbor's high-falutin' High Definition television. The up-close-and-personal HD technology appears to benefit no face on TV—silver fox Anderson Cooper could stand to lay off the foundation; silver Wolf Blitzer's glinty eyes make him look perpetually high. Barack Obama, however, looks somehow even more fantastic; one [...]