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Metro Crash Death Count: WTF

So how did the Red Line metro crash death toll jump to nine last night then fall back to seven this morning and then back up to nine? Last night, City Desk reported that three news outlets—WUSA9, WTOP, and WJLA—had confirmed that nine had died in the crash. WTOP cited the D.C. Fire Department as [...]

WaPo Slow to Train Crash

At this moment, Dr. Gridlock is in the vanguard of Washington Post coverage of this afternoon's train mishap in Northeast D.C. The item credits WJLA-TV and CNN for key facts on the accident.
Here's one commenter from the on the matter:
How is the Washington Post being scooped about a potentially serious metro rail collision? This [...]

D.C. Fire Department Responds To Local Emmy Defeat

In late May, D.C. Fire Department brass tried to hose down a local reporter's Emmy nomination. Deputy Chief Kenneth Crosswhite lobbied to have a story produced by WJLA disqualified as a local Emmy nominee. The story in question was a three-month investigative piece that ran on Nov. 11. It chronicled the saga of arson investigators-turned-whistleblowers [...]

WJLA Anchor Leon Harris Hates On Speed Cameras!

WJLA anchor Leon Harris vents on his blog about what it means to live in MOCO these days. It means being watched by pesky speed cameras! He notes that there are now eight cameras in his neighborhood! And he's mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore!
Harris, known for his trusty baritone and [...]

Leon Harris Meets Dionne Warwick

Who knew Leon Harris had a blog? This guy used to fill up the dead air on CNN. He currently provides the gravitas over at WJLA which he has done for some time.  And apparently, he also invokes the common man's perspective on his blog. Of executive pay limits, he writes under a post called [...]