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General Manager of WJLA Out as Sale of Station Is Nearly Finalized

The general manager of WJLA—the local ABC affiliate–wrote in an e-mail to his staff Monday that he just learned his last day heading the station would be Sept. 30. Bill Lord's departure comes after the Federal Communications Commission approved Sinclair Broadcast Group's $985 million purchase of TV stations owned by Allbritton Communications, including WJLA and NewsChannel8. [...]

The Needle: Trumpington, D.C.

Huge: The Donald Trump-ified Old Post Office is one step closer to becoming reality. +4
Invisible Hipsters: This Washington Post story on hipsters ruining "cheap" beer ends with the line "Hipsters beware," and the rest of it makes about as much sense. -3

The Needle: Bob Ryan Signs Out

Stormy Wednesday: After over 30 years as a Washington TV weatherman, WJLA's Bob Ryan is retiring. -3
Right Side of the Tracks: New routes could help cyclists avoid dangerous streetcar tracks on H St. +1

WJLA, News Channel 8 Could Be Sold to Fund Politico

You have to give this to Robert Allbritton: He's not afraid to throw a business overboard. Allbritton's Allbritton Communications, which owns WJLA, News Channel 8, and Politico, dramatically scaled back its hyperlocal website TBD in 2011 after running it for less than a year. Now, in a memo this morning to Politico staff, Allbritton announced [...]

The Needle: Pinned Down

Gutterball: Georgetown's ANC is opposing a proposed bowling alley in the neighborhood until noise issues are resolved. -3
24/7/Pigskins: 2012 has only been over for three days, but WJLA has already decided to dub it "The Year of RGIII." A 30-minute special about the Pigskins quarterback will air on Friday. +2

Porn Virus “Crippling” WJLA Computers

When an attachment's named something like "sexy.exe," how do you not click it? That kind of thinking is exactly what's landed WJLA's Rosslyn newsroom in trouble today, DCRTV reports. According to a newsroom memo, a porn-themed virus circulating through the newsroom is wreaking havoc.
"If you see something like porn.exe or sexy.exe or any other [...]

Leon Harris Taunts the Sleepy in New App

Because everything will eventually be an app, last week, WJLA, along with some other ABC affiliates, launched an alarm clock app featuring its anchors' voices. But how do the anchors actually sound?
Kind of rude! While anchor Cynné Simpson and meteorologist  Jacqui Jeras opt for a mix of rooster calls and "Good morning, sleepyhead" cooing, anchor [...]

The Needle: What a Nice Day

Metro Program Poorly Managed: WJLA discovers that Metro's job application website could be easily manipulated, using just an applicant's email address, to reveal their resume, phone number, and salary requirements. -1
Guns Rule, Say Youths: Pro-gun young people, many of them from Virginia, rallied in front of the Wilson Building today to promote looser gun laws [...]

D.C. TV Stations Raking in the Citizens United Cash

Whether you're watching Days of Our Lives, the Today Show, or the Olympics closing ceremonies on NBC next week, you'll see an ad from Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS super PAC. Crossroads will pay steeply for the privilege—about $50,000 for the Olympics spots. And they're buying a lot of spots.
The Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United ruling may [...]

Piece of Metro Escalator Breaks Off, Sends Three to the Hospital

A day after broken escalators closed Dupont Circle for an hour, escalator problems persist. But this time, they're coming after people.
Around 8:30 this morning at L'Enfant Plaza, according to Metro spokeswoman Cathy Asato, a commuter's bag or clothing caught on the escalator. A piece of steel broke off and hit passengers, sending five tumbling down [...]

When Good Headlines Go Bad

We love the dark arts of search engine optimization as much as the next struggling news organization, but sacrificing clarity for the all-mighty SEO monster may be a bit much. WJLA had this terribly awkward headline for a story about a young girl who lived in Maryland before being found dead in Indiana: "Aliahna Lemmon, [...]

TBD’s Night of the Long Knives

Allbritton Communications is giving up on its efforts to reinvent local news for the online era.
Staffers at, launched with great fanfare by Politico's parent company last summer, were informed one at a time this morning by editor Erik Wemple that significant layoffs were on the way, and then told whether they were among those [...]

Mainstream Media Thinks Snowball Fight Posed Anarchist Threat

So the snowball incident has made it to CNN which links to WJLA's scare story hatchet job. DCist notes that the coverage was a wee bit on the paranoid side:
"As if the negative coverage doesn’t threaten to be embarrassing enough for the District, the story — headlined 'Snowball Fight Takes a Turn for the Worse' [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: WJLA Makes BeerInTheBathroomsGate™ Even More Viral?

As if vending beside urinals at Redskins games wasn't viral enough: Jennifer Donelan of WJLA put BeerInTheBathroomsGate™ on her station's evening news, and even took a few seconds to give Washington City Paper kudos for blowing the lid off Snyder's newest revenue stream.
Here's Donelan's WJLA piece. Wait til the 50-second mark. Don't take a pee [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Monday Morning Coming Down!

Clearest sign that it's about time to crank out the Countdown to Cowher™: Jim Zorn's post-game interview with Sonny Jurgensen, heard on Dan Snyder's WTEM.
Here's the opening:
Sonny Jurgensen: You had one offensive touchdown...
Jim Zorn: Thank you.
Sonny Jurgensen: You've got to get into the end zone...
Jim Zorn: Yes.
Uh oh.
Dan Snyder and Jurgensen are cigar smoking buddies. [...]