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It’s Nearly 5 P.M., Where’s Your Millennial At?

The Washington Post keeps spewing its observations about millennials–this seemingly hard to define, but apparently homogenous generation that likes to spend all its recession-era money on frivolous shit.
City Desk has been keeping close tabs on this groundbreaking series, and based on our understanding of the reports, here's a breakdown of what the hippest generation in D.C. [...]

Salud! Washington Post Gets Into The Wine Business

Well, here's one way to respond to quarterly circulation and revenue declines. Starting next month, the Washington Post will be offering a new product: wine.
Tim Condon, the paper's director of new digital ventures, introduced the Washington Post Wine Club in a morning memo to Post employees. The Wine Club, launching next month, will have "quarterly [...]

Amazon Wine Will Ship to D.C., Not the Rest of DMV

We did it, D.C.: Getting crunk without leaving our homes is now even easier. Amazon launched a new wine service yesterday, and Washington is one of the few places in the country that it'll ship to.
Amazon Wine will initially only ship to 12 states and the District, although the company plans to expand its range. [...]

Jazz and Beer

They go together like sports and wine! Orr Shtuhl hangs on the porch with NPR.

Photos: Good Friday, Spill The Wine Edition

Our Morning Roundup

Must read. Hint: Author George Saunders' take on lipsticks, pigs.
And Now, Anacostia explores an old masonic lodge. He's got the archival meat and potatoes i.e. old newspaper clippings to make this piece a must read for history buffs!
Prince of Petworth takes picture of building where a pizza place/wine bar is supposed to be in [...]