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LivingSocial’s Metro Tab Comes to $0

LivingSocial's marketing department must be feeling pretty clever right now. The daily deals giant scored oodles of goodwill last month after circumventing the dispute over post-Nationals games Metro service by offering to cover the tab itself. Even better for the company, that publicity ended up not costing a penny.
Because of the way the playoff games [...]

Today in D.C. History: D.C. Council Chairman John A. Wilson Commits Suicide

On May 19, 1993, the D.C. government lost one of its early Home Rule-era leaders and most accomplished legislators. D.C. Council Chairman John A. Wilson was found dead in the basement laundry room of his Southwest home by his wife, Bonnie, and chauffeur. His death, ruled a suicide by the Metropolitan Police Department, sent shock [...]

DYRS On Track To Overspend On Outsourcing Kids

WaPo's Mike DeBonis reports today that Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi notified Mayor Vincent Gray and D.C. Council members this morning that several city agencies are projected to go over budget this year by tens of millions of dollars.
One of the biggest costs putting the city in the red: the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services' continued [...]

Today in D.C. History: Hanafi Hostage Stand-Off Continues Into 2nd Day

On March 10, 1977, the city was in the midst of the second day of a bloody three-day hostage standoff with terrorists, where 12 gunmen occupied three buildings, including the District’s seat of government, killed a radio journalist and police officer, and wounded then-D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry.
The hostage-takers, led by the founder of the Hanafi [...]

What Should We Rename Pennsylvania Avenue?

They've tried civil disobedience. They've tried legislative maneuvering. Now D.C.'s frustrated statehood activists are threatening to employ a new tactic: Cartographic sabotage.
D.C. Council member Michael Brown is holding a meeting this evening at the Wilson Building to ponder renaming the stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue NW in front of the city government's headquarters. The idea is [...]

DYRS Chief Suggests Agency Had Considered Letting Absconders Go

In an e-mail obtained by Washington City Paper, DYRS Chief Robert Hildum suggests that the agency may want ease up on going after juveniles who've absconded from the system. You can read the full story on the Loose Lips blog.

Tommy Wells Tweets Response to New York Times

In yesterday's edition, the New York Times editorial board took on Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells' residency requirement for homeless services bill.  The board called his proposal "inhumane" and suggested it was simply "very bad public policy." The board also cited the CFO which stated that Wells' bill wouldn't save the city any money. Late [...]

WaPo Takes Non-Stand On Homeless Issue

On Oct. 30, WaPo's editorial board took precious space away from either praising Michelle Rhee's school reforms or using it as a litmus test in deciding who to support in tomorrow's election (see the board's non-endorsement of Councilmember Mary Cheh) to address the growing numbers of D.C.'s homeless residents. Despite local government's stagnant efforts to [...]

Observing Local-Outsider Disconnect on the Fringe of Glenn Beck’s Rally

From the fringes of Saturday’s “Restore the Dream” rally, life went on generally as is in the nation’s capital. As "hundreds of thousands" of Tea Party folks and other Glenn Beck rally-goers gathered at in West Potomac Park between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument—likely adding weight to the already sinking Reflecting Pool—the Batala all-women’s [...]

Councilmember Tommy Wells Sends Check to Graham Challenger

Remember the Paul Wellstone-esque video by Ward 1 Council candidate Bryan Weaver we highlighted here a few weeks ago? On Washington City Paper's Loose Lips blog, Jason Cherkis reports it's getting results—Councilmember Tommy Wells sent Weaver a $100 check after seeing the video. Wells hasn't given any money to his council colleague Jim Graham, who Weaver hopes [...]

Chamber of Commerce Endorses Jeff Smith for Ward One Council Seat

In a somewhat surprising move, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce has not endorsed incumbent Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham for re-election. Instead, the business folks have thrown their weight behind challenger Jeff Smith.
Graham campaign poo-bah Chuck Thies had this reaction via e-mail:
"Not surprising at all. What has the Chamber of Commerce ever done for Ward [...]

The Meaning Behind Today’s Human Safety Net Protest

At 8:30 this morning, Save Our Safety Net organizers will be surrounding the Wilson Building with what they are calling a "human safety net." City Desk reached out to the Net's media rep Joni Podschun to explain the meaning behind their latest protest. She responded via e-mail with the details.
So how many humans [...]

Protest Over Budget Cuts To Be Held This Morning

At 11:30 a.m., the Fair Budget Coalition and Save Our Safety Net-DC will be holding a rally at the Wilson Building to protest Fenty and Co's proposed cuts to core social-service agencies. After the demonstration, both organizations have planned visits to the D.C. Council. The Fair Budget Coalition boasts a huge roster of committed members [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Gray Needs To Make Up His Mind!

The Washington Post endorses Gray...vs. Fenty. In an editorial, they write that Chairman Vincent Gray should stop dithering and enter the mayoral race. Fenty deserves a challenger. And Fenty's detractors need to show some guts and run someone for mayor: "It's clear from the money he has raised and the campaign apparatus that he's assembled [...]

Fenty Promises To Replace Hartsock By Dec. 1

Today, the D.C. Wire reported that a five-member council delegation met with Mayor Adrian Fenty last night to discuss the standoff over Ximena Hartsock. A symbol of testy council-mayoral relations, Hartsock is Fenty's choice to helm the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation. Following some discord among the council, Hartsock, and Fenty, however, the council [...]