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William Ayers Rallies the Anti-Rhee Crowd

William Ayers' appearance last night at All Souls Unitarian Church last night has been well-covered—today's Post has a thorough accounting of Ayers' day in D.C., as does the Wall Street Journal. Neither story, though, mentions the biggest noise the audience made during the evening. When Jeff Smith, executive director of DC Voice and moderator for [...]

William Ayers Reading Moved to All Souls Church

William Ayers, favorite punching bag of rageoholic conservative bloggers, isn't reading at the 14th & V Busboys & Poets tonight as planned. The bookstore just sent an e-mail blast:

Due to the large number of people and media who want to attend the event with William Ayers, we have moved it to a venue that can [...]

William Ayers, Still Inspiring Angry Blog Commenters

Lots of chatter this week in newspapers and blogs about the news that William Ayers will speak at Busboys & Poets on Monday. Nobody really took much notice of this when I blogged about it about a month back. Clearly I need to take more swigs of whatever Michelle Malkin's drinking:
The violence-embracing Marxist is on [...]