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Best In Panic: Whole Foods Edition

Borderstan captured some amazing scenes at the P Street Whole Foods:
"Thursday: Whole Foods on the 1400 block of P Street NW closed its doors at 9 p.m., which was 30 minutes earlier than its previously announced 9:30 p.m. closing. The early closing caused a near panic among some Dupont-Logan residents. One woman screamed, 'Let me [...]

Whole Foods Protest: The Video

Earlier today, in response to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's Wall Street Journal op-ed opposing single-payer health care and a public option, Single Payer Action and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union picketed the P Street Whole Foods in Washington, D.C.
City Paper was on the scene to interview the protesters.

Whole Foods Protesters Miss the Salad Bar

Single Payer Action promised yesterday to picket Whole Foods stores in New York, Austin, and D.C., and today, picketing they are: Neatly, sweetly, and sweatily, making the lunch scene at 1440 P St. NW the most bucolic  in the history of organic-food-store protests.
Holding up a piece of orange poster board three times as wide [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Boycott City

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to the last Creative-Loafing-in-bankruptcy Freedom Friday! This time next week, we very well might be under "new management," as health-code-violating restaurants like to say.
Today: Lefties will picket the Whole Foods at P Street. Tomorrow: Righties will respond by handing out Whole Food CEO John Mackey's Wall Street Journal [...]

D.C. GOP to Counter Whole Foods Protest

LL just took a call from Paul Craney, executive director of the D.C. Republican Committee, who says that his small but feisty band of partisans is not about to let the local liberal types protesting Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's free-market health care views go unchallenged.
Not directly, though. The following morning, Craney says, as many [...]

Single Payer Action to Picket P Street Whole Foods

In response to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey's August 11th op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, in which he decried the public option, the non-profit organization Single Payer Action has organized protests at Whole Foods stores in Austin, D.C., and New York.
From the group's organizing email:
We know that Whole Foods allows non-profit public interest groups [...]

Morning Roundup: Yesterday’s News RIGHT NOW Edition

Health care. Jesus Christ on toast with Marmite, am I ever sick of hearing about health care. Whole Foods—SHUT UP. Public option opponents—SHUT UP. Fox News—SHUT UP. Meanwhile, in British rationing news, I'm horrified to report that my wife's grandmother recently had to wait over an hour to be seen, mostly because the Edinburgh Council [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Did Metro Know It Had a Circuit Problem Before the Crash? Edition

Wake up, Metro. It's morning time! Also: Two of your employees are telling WJLA-TV that they not only knew about the circuit problem that likely caused the June 22 crash five days before it happened, but that they reported the problem to their supervisors. This seemingly contradicts GM John Catoe's statement yesterday, in which he [...]

Our Morning Roundup: New Neighbors Edition

Good Morning, City Desk Readers!  It's the first day of July and the forecast doesn't call for 90 degree temperatures so it's already looking like a good one.  On the news front, the nation's capital is expecting some new residents that are already getting attention before moving in.

Minnesota has finally come to its senses and [...]