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Why D.C.’s AIDS Walk Is Becoming the Walk to End HIV

When D.C. native Waldon Adams was diagnosed with HIV in 2004, he kept using drugs, and he skipped his medication, assuming he would just die like the other people he knew and had heard about with the disease. In 2008, he was on that very path; his illness progressed to full-blown AIDS, or what’s commonly [...]

Why Aren’t More D.C. Doctors Recommending Medical Marijuana?

Three months in, D.C.’s medical marijuana regime is not where it’s supposed to be. As of Oct. 21, medical marijuana licenses had been obtained by only 59 District residents—patients who are expected to keep D.C.’s three new medical dispensaries and three fledgling cultivation centers afloat. “We were anticipating in the first couple of months to [...]

Catania Kicks Off Whitman-Walker Inquiry

Right now, At-Large Councilmember David A. Catania is nearly an hour into a roundtable he's holding on the operations of Whitman-Walker Clinic, the Logan Circle health center that's historically treated the city's gay and lesbian community and victims of HIV/AIDS. The inquiry follows the clinic's decision in December to lay off 26 employees and cut [...]