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Suburbs So Boring, Teens Allegedly Go on Cross-State Crime Rampage

Kids these days: Once they relieved their suburban doldrums by short-sheeting and drag racing, now they're going on cross-county crime sprees. That's the takeaway from the Arlington County Police Department's announcement yesterday that officers had arrested three teenagers on charges of shooting out car windows with BB guns more than 250 times.
18-year-old William Romero, 18-year-old [...]

No District of Columbia For Anti-Vaccinators

Of note in this Post item about a post-Superbowl measles outbreak—14 cases have been confirmed after two infected people exposed fans in the Superbowl Village before the game—is that the District of Columbia doesn't allow parents to opt kids out of vaccinations for any reason. Only Mississippi and West Virginia hold the same stance—with all [...]

The Needle: Stranded Without a Train Edition

Last Call, Last Train? When Metrorail's hours were expanded to better accommodate weekend warriors after midnight—first to 1 a.m. in 1999 and later to 3 a.m.—it was heralded as sign that the nation's capital was loosening its tie a bit and supporting its nightlife. Sure, it reduced the amount of time crews could perform track [...]

Beleaguered D.C. Schools Now Shining Model for West Virginia

The Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail ran an editorial today, praising the D.C. school system's new teacher contract, which, among other things, eliminates seniority rules and promises pay based on performance, as a model for school reform in the Mountain State. Consider this backhanded compliment:
Washington, D.C., schools had to hit rock bottom to win these changes. Let's hope West [...]

Our Morning Roundup: 4/20 Hangover Edition

Whoa, dude, are you high? Or did D.C. City Council really vote in favor of legalizing medical marijuana yesterday? I wonder: Does the new law cover writer's block?
Adam Eidinger, for one, thinks it's all a bad trip. The former Green Party candidate for Shadow Senator Representative and co-founder of Capitol Hemp says city lawmakers really need [...]